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Golden Dawn leader does not exclude mass resignation of 18 MPs

The leadership of  Golden Dawn neither dismissed nor confirmed the scenario of a possible mass resignation of lawmakers of the extreme-right party. Leader of Golden Dawn, Nikos Michaloliakos, did not exclude the possibility that 18 lawmakers would resign opening the way for possible repetition elections in 15 constituencies of Greece. At the same time, he reiterated that his party is displeased with those selling out Greece and that  that his party is not a criminal organization .

Nikos Michaloliakos: “The rise of the Golden Dawn displeased the looters of people’s sweat. Golden Dawn will defend at all costs its political entity and its political pride. It’s not us who are criminals but those who bankrupted the country. We will exhaust all means of our legal constitutional rights in order to defend our political pride.

If the country enters into a circle of destabilization Golden Dawn will not be liable for this. Golden Dawn defends itself.”

Earlier,  Ilias Kassidiaris, spokesman of Golden Dawn said:

“The government can not cope politically with Golden Dawn , therefore it uses illegal manipulations, super-surveillance bugs that spy on lawmakers,  false witnesses who have no names and evidence. Greek people do not believe anymore the propaganda of the television networks, we are here, we will use every legal mean to safeguard our constitutionally protected rights. Every legal mean against an illegitimate government.”

Neither Michaloliakos, not the GD spokesman elaborated on the “legal means.” This made many Greek media interpret the GD statements as an option to mass resignation and repetition elections in 15 constituencies.

Meanwhile, Greek media claim that the Judiciary has evidence of criminal activities for three GD lawmakers.

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