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It ‘rains’ lawsuits against ministers, ex PM Papandreou included

Several Greek citizens filed lawsuits against current and former ministers, ex prime minister George Papandreou included. The citizens want the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the ministers involved and a probe for requests that have to do with the economic crisis.

The start was made by former Navy officer against George Papandreou. The officer filed a lawsuit against the ex PM for his famous slogan “There is money” during the pre-elections campaign of 2009. Papandreou’s promise turned very quick into a bubble as he rushed to seek the aid of International Monetary Fund right after he won the elections. In his lawsuit, the officer raised offenses for “deceiving the voters and disseminating false news”.

Another lawsuit was filed by another citizen against finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras. This lawsuit was filed by former board member of Greek Privatization Agency. Although the content of the lawsuit was not given to public, however Greek media rpeort that she had claimed she was removed by her position in TAIPED when she raised objections to the privatization of Thessaloniki Water Company.

A third lawsuit was filed against Evangelos Venizelos for the time he was Finance Minister and agaisnt his then deputy finance minister Philippos Sachninides. The complaint is against the way they administrated the assets of the Greek government.
A fourth lawsuit was filed against Education Minister Costas Arvanitopoulos and his predecessors
by the representative of Greek Watch for compliance with the Helsinki Agreements. The complaint is  for “acts and omissions in the exercise of their duties .”
Greek media see the chances for these lawsuits to succeed a few to not-existent. However the officer’s lawsuit against Papandreou could force the Parliament at least to discuss lifting the parliamentary immunity of former prime minister.
PS A lawsuit for ‘deceiving voters’ with false promises during pre-election campaigns? HA! If this lawsuit would be accepted and go to the end, I hardly see any of the 300 members of the Greek Parliament still around. Especially those elected after 2009.

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