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Clever Greeks with pension €2,000+ get welfare benefits, while low-pensioners get nothing

There is no solution for this country. No! Absolute impossible! No way… And I feel the tension and the scream attack every time I read news like the following: Pensioners with 2,000-4,000 euro per month keep receiving welfare benefits. While others with pensions of 500-600 euro receive nothing.

“The state pays welfare benefits to 1,500 pensioners with a pension of two, three even four thousand euro per month.

The average welfare benefit they receive is 370 euro per month.Half a million euros in welfare benefits each month pays the state to 1,500 pensioners who receive a pension of more than 2,000 euros a month.

The Labor Ministry plans to introduce income criteria for the payments of welfare benefits, media reported, citing data form the ministry that proudly announced new measures in welfare benefits and allowances”

(newsbomb, ethnos, Skai TV)

Who are these privileged 1,500 pensioners? How comes that the state pays for those additional money, when two years ago, the state cut benefits even to low incomers, pensioners or not?

These questions will certainly receive no answer, in a country where a former minister like Michalis Liapis, owner of 28 real estate properties in expensive suburbs of Athens hangs counterfeit license plates on his car and drives around ….

PS I posted the news just for the records in category “how corrupt is Greece”

The open wound is trying to close the Department of Labor as raises income criteria for the payment of allowances .

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