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Piraeus: Gay couples’ kiss-protest during Epiphany ceremony under ultra-conservative bishop

They were standing among the faithful during the traditional religious ceremony of Epiphany. Several gay couples of both sexes. The moment the ultra-conservative bishop Seraphim was blessing the waters and throwing the crucifix into the sea of Pireaus, the gay men and women suddenly started to kiss each other.



The kiss action was aiming to protest the homophobic views of bishop Seraphim who had recently threatened to excommunicate Greek lawmakers, should they vote in favor of”civil partnership” bill for couples of same-sex.

The protesters handed out leaflets reading “Love is not a sin”.

Πειραιάς: Ομοφυλόφιλοι φιλήθηκαν απέναντι από τον Μητροπολίτη Σεραφείμ

Bishop of Piraeus Seraphim is known for his homophobic and anti-Semetic statements. He recently opposed plans to extend legislation allowing unmarried couples to have their partnership legally recognized to same-sex couples.

He said that any other relationship, barring that between a male and a female, “is a unnatural aberration not even observed in animals.”

The draft bill was withdrawn after the bishops’ threats.

A ruling by the European Court of Human Rights in November condemned Greece for excluding gays from civil partnerships. The court ruled that Greece had not offered “convincing and weighty reasons” to justify excluding gays.

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  1. The bishop was preaching against natural order and logic? There is 1500 spieces in animal kingdom with homosexual and bisexual activity, courtship, pair bonding, parenting and affection. 500 of them well documented. Maybe this misinformation sinks easily into the minds of people who has no proper sexual education nor biology education in their school system? The rest of us, we know the truth.