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Misleading sms sends thousands of Greeks to tax offices to claim money back

A misleading sms text sent to thousands of taxpayers via mobile phone caused long queues at local tax offices as people rushed to claim back  the so-called “emergency property taxes” already paid in 2011.

Geek media report that the text message was saying:

“The Law 3986/11 on special solidarity levy and the special contribution , Articles 28 and 29 , was illegal and unconstitutional . You can claim back the paid amount back by filling a refund claim at the tax office. Deadline for refund request is Monday, January 13th, 2014 . ”

While the tax officers told the citizens they had no idea but any refund decision, the finance ministry refrained from taking a clear position although it said “it was not true.”

According to Proto Thema, the whole issue started when a local court vindicated a professor who had requested the return of the emergency property tax.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 refund applications were submitted during the last days, while the text message sender remains unknown.

Tax officers have to reply in written form to each one of the refund requests.

According to daily TA NEA, taxpayers believe they can claim back the money they paid for the emergency property tax, once the justice rules in favor of their request.

PS neither did I get the sms, nor did I submit a refund request. Did you?

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