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Greek FinMin names three MPs who transferred money abroad

A lawmaker from Samaras’ Nea Dimokratia, one from former Samaras’ juniior coaltion partner Democratic Left and one from nationalist opposition Independent Greeks. The three MPs saw their names in a statement issued by the Greek Finance Ministry on Monday. A statement saying that they had transferred money abroad. also the wive of the IndepGreek MP and the wife of a former PASOK minister had sent money abroad between 2009 and 2012, the statement added. The Finance Ministry did not mention the amount of money that was sent to a safe shelter.

The money transfer took place during the 2009-2012, that is in the time when the Greek government was urging the citizens to keep their money in the Greek banks.

A day earlier, Sunday newspaper Proto Thema had claimed that “Three Nea Dimokratia lawmakers had transferred a total amount of 3.5 million euro abroad”.

The statement said that “the three lawmakers in question are Vassilis Kikilias of New Democracy, Maria Repousi of Democratic Left and Vassilis Kapernaros of the Independent Greeks. Also the wife of Kapernaros and the wife of Sifounakis had transferred money abroad during 2009-2012.”

Earlier Kikilias issued a statement insisting he did not have deposits abroad. Kapernaros also denied having any savings outside Greece.

The Finance Ministry said that Kikilias had submitted paperwork to his local tax office following a request last April. All three parliamentarians remain under investigation, the ministry added.

Citing sources from the PM’s office, Proto Thema notes that “Kikilias had brought the money back to Greece five years ago.” The conservative MP stated he was “surprised to see his name and that the money was taxed.”

So if the lawmakers are still under investigation what is the purpose of naming them? Oh, probably for the sake of “name and shame” them and demonstrate that the government is adamant to investigate any dark cases of suspected tax evasion independently of office, reputation and affiliation.

Tax authorities are currently investigating 24,710 money transfers to foreign bank accounts.

Of course, it’s a matter of “morality” for the lawmakers, but if the transferred money was taxed, where is the legal case? Oh, it’s the populism, stupid!

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