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Attention! Practical advice for insured patients, while EOPYY is closed

Greece’s Health Ministry issued a number of practical advices for insured EOPYY patients for the days EOPPY facilities are closed.

As of 18th February 2014 and for a period of one month:


  •  patients should not call the 5-digit phone number to book an appointment with doctors.
  • patients should seek a doctor from the network of 5,000 doctors affiliated with EOPYY. The health ministry has increased the number of visits to these doctors to be paid from EOPYY from 200 up to 400.
  • patients should also seek doctors at the health centers and the public hospitals of ESY.

The Health Ministry has removed the prescription cap for all doctors at health centers, regional clinics and public hospitals for one month, that is duration the suspension of the operation of EOPYY and until the new primary health care provider PEDY is in operation,  Greek media report on Monday.

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said that visits to doctors assigned with EOPYY are free of charge.

However,much to my knowledge 10 euro is being asked for prescription.

Nobody seems to believe that the new provider will be in full operation after one month. some claim, it will need at least tow months.

PS Last week I drew to attention of Health Minister via Twitter, that he should definitely issue ‘practical advices for the patients’ and also stop the malpractice of the private call centers making ‘fictitious’ appointments with EOPYY doctors, even when they were on strike. Guess what!? My advice was all free of charge 🙂 🙂 🙂




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