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Greek Health Minister non-stop: poll tax to the poor patients

This man wants definitely to put a poll levy to every one who walks or crawls, has fever or high blood tension. Greece’s (un)health minister Adonis Georgiadis announced that a 5-euro fee will have to be paid for doctors visits at the new national health care system (PEDY). Geordiadis justified this decision claiming that the money collected will be spent for uninsured patients and that as the PEDY-doctors will be hired by the Public Hospitals organization (ESY) a 5-euro fee is due because patients pay anyway 5-euro entrance fee to hospitals.

I will not try to explain the reasoning of the Greek Health Minister who in a mastermind in trying to justify the illogical in a series of mind-blowing pretexts.

Fact is that health care in Greece is becoming more and more expensive especially for those vulnerable groups of the society who cannot afford private health care. The patients of the public health care.

Fact is also that a tax pf 0.10 euro was imposed on cigarettes in order to collect exactly this amount of money needed for the uninsured people in health need.

Fact is too that Georgiadis’ plan to impose a 25-euro entrance fee to public hospitals was cancelled when coalition government partner PASOK rejected it.

Fact is that PASOK rejects also now Georgiadis’ plan of 5-euro charge too.

Fact is that Adonis Georgiadis is adamant to impose a whatever fee to health care services so that he can go into  history as the most loyal Troika servant.

Ambitions know no limit and no morals.

Fact is also that patients saw their expenses skyrocket after immense cuts in primary health care. In exemplary cases of chronic ill, the cost for prescription have increased to over 70euro per month from zero euro one and a half years ago. And we’re talking here about insured patients who have been paying their social contributions month in, months out for years.

Video: comedian Mitsikostas on former tv bookseller & current health minister Georgiadis during his controversial speech at Harvard. yes, in English 🙂

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  1. You call Georgiadis a “former tv bookseller & current health minister”. The other day (27 February) it was “Adonis Georgiadis, a History Dept graduate who made a career selling controversial books on television”.

    Controversial books? As I mentioned before, the far right politician Adonis Georgiadis (ex-LAOS, now Nea Dimokratia) is not just an ordinary “bookseller”. The bookstores of Georgiadis publishers (Ekdoseis Georgiadi) sell books by arch Nazi Konstantinos Plevris. This Holocaust denier is Georgiadis’ friend for a long time. Georgiadis has himself expressed insulting anti-Jewish views and has extensively advertised Plevris’ book “The Jews, the whole truth”, which advocates the extermination of Jews as “subhuman beings”. Controversial books? That’s a bit much!

    • keeptalkinggreece

      it is not possible that every time AdGeo is being mentioned to write down his whole story & bio.