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“Temporary” turns “permanent”: solidarity levy & trade fee

It’s a common knowledge that nothing is more permanent than the temporary. And so, the solidarity levy and the trade fee, that is the extraordinary taxes imposed by the Troika will most likely be collected also after 2015. Greek media report that the Greek government and the country’s lenders representatives agreed on that although some details will still need to be worked out. And some modifications and new criteria, it seems.

The economic team considers:

Solidarity Levy: Raise the lowest cap. Tax payers with annual income of at least €12,000 need to pay 1%-4% depending on income level.

Trade fee: Reduce the trade fee according to new criteria like age, employers and other. Self-employed and entrepreneurs pay €500-€600 per year, independently of whether they have revenues or not.

source: ProtoThema

PS No there will be no additional tax-collecting measures in 2014. We will just keep paying the old ones till the end of our days.



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