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Skouries: Anti-Gold candidate Michos ousts pro-mining mayor Pachtas

It was a slim but clear win for Yiannis Michos, mayor candidate for Aristotelis municipality and member of Anti-Gold Mining Movement in Chalkidiki. Michos received 8,031 votes and won with 51,79% over pro-mining mayor Christos Pachtas who got 7,374 votes and 46,95%.

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Ierissos residents celebrate the win of Anti-Gold movement in municipality elections. “We show the way” is the slogan of anti-gold mining movement

Greek media reported that Pachtas had received the majority of his votes from areas and villages where mining workers live. Pachtas had supported the Gold Mining despite fierce opposition local politicians and residents.

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Yiannis Michos promised to talk with the central government in Athens for a just and viable solution in the Gold mining issue.


Gold Mining was a controversial issue as Canadian Eldorado Gold and its Greek representatives proceeded to the project without respect for the environment. The controversy had triggered fierce reactions among the residents who held month-long protests. Riot police has often intervened with the well-known violent methods regardless if protesters were adults, seniors or children.

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