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state TV (NERIT) security guard stabs unionist of former state TV (ERT)

A security guard of state broadcaster NERIT stabbed a unionist of ERT, the former Greek state broadcaster that was closed down last year. According to Greek media, the security guard had moved out to take down a black flag that the ERT unionists had hoisted.

When the general secretary of ERT union POSPERT, Gavriil Kassimatis, told him not to do it, the security guard pulled out a slitter and stab the unionist on the hand and the palm.

NERIT stab

According to the official website of ERT, Ert Open, the HR director of NERIT tried to hide the security guards. However as the unionists called the police and the ambulance, both the security guard and the HR director were taken to police station to face charges for illegal possession and use of weapon as well as for causing body harm.

But as the HR director filled a law suit against the unionists for illegally hanging banners, victim  Kassimatis and the cashier of POSPERT were taken to the police station as well. Both were released Friday afternoon.

A security guard at a state institution stabs a unionist? I think, we are getting out of control here….

PS I knew that the Greek state is short of cash but I could never imagine it equips its security guards with slitter…




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