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What’s going on in Greece? Oh, the usual stuff…

There is no news today. I mean, nothing new worth reporting that we have not wrote about in one way or another as we did in the last four years of economic crisis and austerity. Officially, Greece is doing fine. Unofficially, Greeks are confronted with the usual burdens: taxes that they cannot afford to pay. Why do you think, more than 2 million taxpayers did not do their tax declaration so far? Because, when they checked electronically how much they have to pay to the state, they got a shock! And they preferred to go ‘unnoticed’ so to say. That is: not to submit a tax declaration – independently of the fines they will be charged with if they are caught.

A friend, a self-employed photographer,  was informed by the tax office that he has to pay €1,850 euro tax for the annual  income of €3,000 euro in 2013. It is taxing from the first euro plus tax in advance. In addition, the  man has to pay €250 for social security per month.

My friend freaked out!

In other news, all media analyze today why our National Football team lost against Costa Rica last night.

Fact is that Karagkounis run more than 13 km in 120 minutes of game.

“What is going on in this country?” one may ask. I tell you: This is going wrong in this country!

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PS Catch of the day: my youngest cat had a rich catch over the weekend: a salamander, a cockroach, a bee and a  fly 🙂


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