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Shops to open 52 Sundays per year in selected Greek cities

The cities and areas where shops will be open 52 Sundays of the year have been published at the Greek Official Gazette. Among the cites and areas are the historical center of  Athens and Thessaloniki,  Chalkidiki, Rhodes, Kos, Syros, Mykonos and Santorini but also Pikermi and Rafina in Attica Prefecture.

The opening of the shops that is to start in the context of a pilot program takes place without the consent of retailers. Moreover, the president of retail shop owners Thanasi Krokidis regined from Samaras’ Nea Dimokratia due to this measure that is “expected to boost the economy,” as stated by deputy minister of Development Gerasimos Giakoumatos.

“When cruise-liners come on Sunday tourists should be able to do shopping, “Giakoumatos said to state NERIT TV.

At the same time, it is a real surprise that in Pikermi village and Rafina the shops will be allowed to be open, while in real touristic areas like Corfu and Kefalonia shops will remain closed.

According to Minister Giakoumatos “Rafina was chosen because it is a big port to and from the islands in the Aegean Sea.” But his critics point out to Piraeus, the country’s biggest port that is exempted form the measure.

Critics also stress that choosing Pikermi, a sleepy village in East Attica has “most probably to do with the presence of shopping center McArthur Glen there,” according to Proto Thema.

This measure allows the shop owners to open their shops on Sunday independently of the size of the store and without the approval of local authorities. The measure is to be reconsider in spring 2015.

According to state NERIT TV, shops in selected areas could start opening on Sundays as of  13. July  or 20, July 2014. Summer sales begin on July 15th.

The strongest reactions come from the small and medium-size companies who say that they cannot afford to open 52 Sundays per year. In winter, Greek development Ministry introduced the measure that the shops open 7 Sundays per year.

Opening shops on Sunday is one of the preconditions imposed by the Troika in the famous context of “competitiveness”. According to the loan agreement (Memorandum of Understanding II) the ministerial degree concerning the areas where the measure should be applied should be published on by 7. July 2014.

…and so did the Greek government in conformity with the Troika laws and in confrontation with the sector. Amen!

PS the problem for the recession is not the opening hours of the shops but the absence of money in our wallets and pockets!


Me before the crisis on a shopping Monday….



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