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Education Minister orders internal inquiry for a mess with the mass…

Greece’ Education and Religion Minister Andreas Loverdos ordered an internal inquiry for reasons in order to find out the responsible who failed to inform him that he had to attend the festive Church Mass during the National Ochi Day.

According to Greek media, the priests at the the Church of Agios Dionysios Aeropagitis waited in vain for the Minister to arrive with the effect that the festive Mass started with delay.


        waiting for the minister….

However, Minister Loverdos never entered the church and when he was asked by reporters, he claimed that there was a misunderstanding with this aides.

The Minister personally announced on his Facebook page that he ordered an internal inquiry, saying that according to his official program he had only to attend the students’ parade and lay a wreath at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier in front of the Parliament.

He had thought that “somebody else would represent the Greek government at the Church,” he noted stressing that he ordered an inquiry to identify the responsible.

The news urged hundreds of internet users to make fun of him for having felt the need to order an inquiry. Some mocked that he passed the wake up call, others that he had a problem with religious issues.

wake up

Nevertheless, Loverdos missed one of the important parts of the National Day celebrations where apparently even cats in Athens claim to know that the Education Minister attends the festive Church liturgy on Ochi Day.

PS this post could be the  LOL of the day, but the day is still relative young…





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