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Outstanding debts to Greek Tax Office? They will reach you even in your hospital bed or prison cell!

Do you have outstanding debts to Greek state? The tax office will send the debt notice to the hospital bed your’ laying, to the prison cell you’re sentenced … In case you’re moved out of your last registered address, the tax debt notice will be handed to the …major of the city or town of your last known address.  They will even get your if you have moved abroad… Greek media report on Thursday citing the new directive from the General Secretary of Public Revenues.
Your debt notice will be handed out to the hospital or the prison director or will be posted at the door of your home or business.

According to GSP, your tax notices may be also handed out also to spouse, children, relatives or your business partner or any employer. The tax authorities will consider the notice as “handed out” 15 days after its delivery.

KTG’s crucial questions
Rumors that outstanding debts of deceased will be handed out to cemetery director are currently no confirmed.
Neither confirmed are claims that the tax notice could be handed out to your baker, your neighbor or your pet.
It is also not clear whether the surgeon will be obliged to read your …debts short before he grabs the scalpel and whether the nurse will ask you to pay a tax installment before she gives you an aspirin.
Also unclear it is if the debtor will be deprived of medical treatment or prison meal or even undergo some kind of torture, if the notice is being delivered but the debtor remains in apathetic condition.
No, it is not clear how they GSPR will find out in which hospital you’re been treated. Neither it is clear, how the GSPR will locate you in Uruguay, Thailand or India…
Nevertheless, I suppose that in another country, in a parallel universe, civil rights groups and debtors could possibly sue the GSPR for violating “privacy rights and data” by handing out private debts to hospital and prison directors or majors…
PS What is important is in this troubled country is that many big tax evaders enjoy life outside the prison or in some exotic paradises…

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