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Independent Greeks Kammenos says, he met middleman at Samaras’ office

During a press conference on Friday, Independent Greeks chairman Panos Kammenos said that the briber has allegedly worked as consultant at the Deutsche Bank and later at the Piraeus Bank until summer 2014.

Panos Kammenos said that he cannot publish the taped footage or part of it due to legal restrictions as “it is product of illegal taping.”

He said that he will  sending two copies of recordings to justice minister and parliamentary speaker, so that the latter will inform the political leaders.

Independent Greeks press conference:

– Kammenos said he first met the middleman at the office of Samaras.

“Ι met the man at the office of Antonis Samaras when I was an MP of Nea Dimokratia. He had said that he was working for the Deutsche Bank. 
[Current Minister of State Dimitris] Stamatis advised him to me as expert in the CDS issue.
The middleman followed me with the Independent Greeks, and he was writing anti-austerity articles on internet under the nickname “Deucalion.”. He advised me and I trusted him. Spring 2013 he told me that he was going to take a job at Piraeus Bank, and I found out that he was fired in July 2014.”
Panos Kammenos was expelled from the Parliament group of Nea Dimokratia by order of Samaras when he refused to cast confidence vote for Papadimos government, on 16. November 2011. When Kammenos refused to vote for austerity measures in the Parliament, he was expelled from Nea Dimokratia as well on 13. February 2012. Short after he established the Independent Greeks together with 20 other former ND MPs.
According to Kammenos, he knew the middleman, who was consulting him for some time in economic issues.
Kammenos: A meeting between the middleman and Pavlos Chaikalis took place in Plaza Hotel, the meeting lasted 1 hour and  14 minutes. the middleman offered Chaikalis money in order to vote for The president.  The video reavls also other cases of bribery or attempted pribery.

– Kammenos: the middleman told Pavlos Chaikalis “I can arrange an appointment with the Prime Minister”.

-Kammenos: According to the middleman’s words, he was working “as consultant for the Deutsche Bank.” Later he worked at Piraeus Bank and his work there concluded in July 2014. The middleman had also give testimony on the CDS issue.

-Kammenos: we can make public the footage and the briber’s name at anytime once we get legal permission. … If the Justice Minister or the Parliament speaker will not make public the briber’s name, I will do it before the 3. round of voting.

Kammenos said that Chaikalis was wearing a watch with a camera and that the middleman was wiretapping the meeting too.

While Independent Greeks did not make concrete revelations, the name of the middleman is being circulating in media corridors, Greek websites and blogs.

No mainstream media transmitted the press conference live, but internet users could watch it live on several websites. To private TV networks broadcast just some parts of the press conference.

Video: recorded Press Conference in Greek

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Pavlos Chaikalis dropped a “bombshell” in the political world of Greece on Friday morning, when he claimed that he was offered two to three million euro in order to vote for Greece’s next President. The attempted bribery came by a private person. “I would be given  2-3 million euro in total, 700,000 euro in cash in advance, then there would be a settlement for my loans and also some advertising contracts,” Chaikalis, who is also an actor, told Breakfast Magazine of private ANT1 TV on Friday morning.

The revelations come just two days after the first round of voting for the country’s next president and four days before the second round.

more details on the bribery attempt here.

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