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EU unveils mandatory quota for refugees, but members oppose plan

The European Commission has outlined its plan to trigger an emergency response to relocate migrants among EU member states. The first step would be a temporary scheme followed by a legislative proposal for a permanent and mandatory quota system by the end of the year. Member states will have the last word on this controversial proposal. The UK could decide to stay out.

The EU has proposed to use an “emergency system,” previewed by the EU treaties, to address “a sudden inflow” of refugees and ensure a fairer burden-sharing of asylum seekers among member states.

But the expression “quota” is not used once in the 18-page communication the European Commission published on Wednesday (May 13). This might be related to the fact that it is well known that not all member states are fond of the idea of redistributing asylum seekers among the EU.

Thus, the presented “European relocation scheme” for “persons in clear need of international protection” is based on mandatory quotas to distribute migrants among EU member states.

“Europe finally takes responsibility,” said EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini, as she presented the plan in Brussels.

Distribution key based on socio-economic criteria

The most interesting part of the scheme is shown in the annex of the text with concrete figures for each country. The Commission applied a distribution key based on the each country’s population size, its economic strength, its unemployment rate as well as the asylum applications made during the last years.

“It is time to turn words into action,” said Frans Timmermans, first vice president of the Commission, who wants the proposed temporary scheme to be a “blueprint for future crisis.”

Asylum systems in EU member states “today face unprecedented pressure,” the communication stated.

Opposition to be expected from member states

For both projects, the temporary and the permanent scheme, the Commission is likely to face opposition from member states.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called the proposed system “mad and unfair,” while recently re-elected British Prime Minister David Cameron also announced Britain’s opposition to a non-voluntary quota.

Those countries, like Germany with more than 200,000 asylum seekers in 2014 or Italy and France with about 64,000 each, who get the most asylum applications, have called for burden-sharing and are in favour of a quota system. (full story

Yes, distribution according to EU members’ socio-economic quota is a good scheme because broke Greece that cannot cope with the flow of dozens refugees on daily basis and the poor people strand on the islands and are being left alone.

And Yes, it’s the well-known EU solidarity: We agree that solutions should be found on the refugees problem, main thing they stay in Italy, Greece and Spain….

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  1. The actual total allocation for the entire EU of 20,000 refugees per year is a joke. When the mixed flow arrivals for this year in Italy are expected to be 200,000 and in Greece up to 100,000 (of which a very high proportion — at least 30-40% — are persons with legitimate claim to protection) you can see that the EU is just not serious.

    It is the same shit as with the euro-rescue: there is no European solidarity and there are no proper policies for the EU. We may as well just abandon the European project if this is the best that the bunch of right-wing halfwits can come up with.

    • Ah, but don’t forget that they are working on a military plan to thwart these unmentionables who dare run away from the wars our great leaders are causing and fuelling in various countries around the world. Lets generate more profit for the death industry and use even more military “resources” at great cost to the various EU tax payers.
      Don’t even think of spending that money on doing something humanitarian like helping people if you can use it to divise yet again more different ways of killing them and make scandalous and immoral profits in the process…

      • Yes, and I am ashamed to say that the military plan (along with the blocking of humanitarian rescue in the Med) comes mostly from the UK and especially from that disgusting old woman Theresa May. These people are really scum — and the British electorate re-elected them recently. Our country is really really fucked up, but that is no reason to do the same to Europe.

        • It is the only way to stay on top of the shit-heap. The powers that be in Europe are vultures, and vultures need carcasses to feed on. They are not very partucular whose carcass they feed on, but will always pick the most vulnarable ones. The EU economic policy is a vulture policy, their financial policy is a vulture policy, their political policies are vulture politics, why do we believe their military politices wouldn’t be vulture policies?

          • Eph, how can you even ask if NATO’s military policies are vulture policies after Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and all other humanitarian R2P warfares we inflict on sovereign states – breaking international law in each case – in the name of greed, regional destabilisation, profit, testing of military equipment etc? Murder, dismemberment, state destruction, torture, bombing refugees and civilians….”we” are truly disgusting.

    • Simply check how ‘many’ refugees have been granted a status in Greece and how many are now living in northern Europe.

      Better keep your mouth shut.

      • keeptalkinggreece

        Better watch your fingers typing

      • Greece did not illegally invade any countries in the Middle East, did not sponsor terrorism, did not put in place dictators who then turn out to be rogues… Which countries did all of these things? USA, UK, France, Germany, and probably several others that I do not know about.

        These are the countries that have the moral obligation to house and shelter the victims of wars and atrocities, not Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey. These are the countries that refuse to behave legally or honourably, and then have the barefaced cheek to complain about others. Such is the arrogance and hypocrisy of bullies and frauds.

        • Greece, Italy, Turkey and indeed also Libya, Jordan, Sudan,etc have been turned into huge concentration camps holding millions of war refugees who are somehow being turned into the perpetrators instead of being the victims. That is the mental summersault that “justifies” military action against refugee ships and the continued support for the installed dictators, sorry friendly governments, who protect the “national interest” of everybody but their own country. Ever notice that US national interests are always in somebody else’s country…
          But then, what would you expect when those responsible for this outrage are the very same countries who invented the concentration camps (GB), extensively experimented with them (Germany) and took them to their modern version called “Retention camps” (US). Old foxes use old tricks…

      • It works the other way around my friend. You should watch and see how many refugees are forced to sit and wait in Greece and Italy while the rest of Europe hides behind Schengen and Dublin 2, and cherry picks as they please. You might for once want to try and engage the brain before opening the mouth. It really helps, and you would be very quiet…

          • As you very well know, the problem is NOT the amount of applicants, the problem is the sheer amount of PEOPLE. In Italy, Greece and Trukey to name but 3. People who are running for their lives thanks to wars created and fuelled by the EU and the US. By constantly referring to those people as “migrants” instead of refugees, you not only distort the picture drastically, you also deny the cause of the problem, being EU and US interference in foreign countries, either directly or through puppet governments.
            There is nothing shameful about what SYRIZA states the problem to be, or the numbers they give. The flood gates are open, and nobody knows how many people are coming through.
            What IS shameful is idiots like yourself and your governments misrepresenting the situation and insisting that this problem does not exist by hiding behind meaningless numbers which have nothing to do with the problem in the first place.
            Instead of regurgitating meaningless government figures designed to misrepresent and hide reality, you would do well to go and look at the reality of the situation. One place to start would be here Although not updated with the latest of reality in the med yet, it paints a very good picture of that reality, and exposes the EU lies quite clearly with facts instead of fantasy…
            I’ll say it to you again, engage brain before opening mouth…

          • Here’s some more shameful propaganda, this time from Italy

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Just as they always ignore the fact that most of the caught “illegals” are a result of manhunts in western Greece imperialist douche bags will never understand what it would mean for them if all the refugees would be legal, no more kiwis for 25 cents. It’s out of their brain’s capacity that when there are no more canned tomatoes to find in the supermarkets they might look for some regional south European papers to find out about some riots full of mystery and strikes against Mafia.
            But they also believe that refugees will travel via mountains in Albania…

  2. Once again…these are all problems created by the American war machine, by the UK puppets and the Jews…..and all other countries have to pay the bill (social and economic)….let this refugee garbage rot at the bottom of the sea…or let the migrate exclusively to the USA, UK and Israel….that’s the only solution

  3. Sorry Eph, should have known better! Since when have we not been on the same page?! Ditto Xenos & greetings to you both!