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Athens: Public Transport Tickets to rise by 16% due to technical “inconvenience” !!!

Ticket fare for public transport means in Athens will rise by 16% as of 1.1. 2016. Passengers of Metro, Tram, Urban train ISAP, Trolley bus and Blue buses will have to dig deeper in their pockets and find another €0.20 if they want to go soewhere for whatever reasons. No, passengers will not be asked about their destination, main thing is that they pay €1.40 for a ride through Athens and the suburbs for 70 minutes. The price of the ticket is currently €1.20 for all transport means and has a duration of 70 minutes.

The price for the discount ticket will rise from €0.60 to €0.70.

Transportation Minister Christos Spirtzis explained the hike with the hike of the Value Added Tax on tickets and thus from 13% to 23%.

the V.A.T. hike should actually raise the ticker price from €1.20 now to €1.30 as of January. But this would cause problem with the discount ticket that would need to cost €0.65 but the ‘relevant departments of the Transportation Ministry’ allegedly raised objections as this would be “inconvenient”.

Yeees, the automatic ticket sellers and the human ticket sellers would have to give changes of €0.05 – and who wants to keep a mountain stock of worthless 5 cents?

So the Ministry decided to add another 10 cents to make the division by 2 possible.

For me personally, a fair deal would be 1.35 EUR for full ticket and 65 cents for the discount ticket. 🙂

Innovation calling

As of 1.1.2017 they will introduce also an e-ticket, a clever ticket, with a kind of microchip that will record the rides or something extraterrestrial like that, it will be  similar to airplane tickets and there will be roll bars in the buses so that granny can get her ticket to the cemetery to lay flowers to her deceased husband.

PS Instead of doing something useful and social like subsidize public transport tickets for passengers in economic crisis, they will install roll bars and ticket bars and granny bars and all these 666-bars that certainly have been invented by the devil.

Some people even in the left-wing government think that we have small EURo printing machines at home working full time.

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