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First round of New Democracy leadership elections – Record participation

Conservative New Democracy is more than happy. 400,000 members and supporters rushed to the polling stations that were set across the country to cast their vote for one of the four candidates for the party leadership.

the final results of the first round of elections will be announced later today, Monday afternoon.

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from left: Meimarakis, Mitsotakis, Georgiadis, Tzitzikostas

However, media report of clear precedence of Evangelos Meimarakis (42%) who served also as temporary ND leader after former PM Antonis Samaras stepped down last spring. Meimarakis got allegedly more than 40% of the votes.

Second is Kyriakos Mitsotakis (27%) of the well-known political family.

The other two candidates were Apostolos Tzitzikostas (21%) and far-rightist, ex Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis (10%).

ND voters gave the strong message that they want New Democracy to return to its “center-right” roots and remain a party of the conservative bourgeoisie without  far-rightist features as they were represented by Samaras and Georgiadis.

With such a strong base of voters and supporters, New Democracy remains the strongest political party in Greece and will certainly be the main challenger for SYRIZA in the next elections.



Voters had to pay €3 to cast their vote, something that means that more than one million of hot euros filled the cash registers of the party that has more than 130 million euro debts and unpaid staff.

The second round of elections is scheduled for January 10th 2016. The outcome of the derby will depends much on who of the two candidates Tzitzikostas and Georgiadis will support. However, no new voters will be allowed to register and it cannot be predicted whether all voters of the first round will again rush to cast their vote.

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