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Impressive! Farmers’ tractors outside the Greek Parliament

Unprecedented. In an impressive convoy with the sound of constant honking and chanted slogans, twenty tractors entered downtown Athens early Friday evening and parked outside the Greek Parliament.

Thousands of farmers who had gathered for the Big Protest of Friday were rhythmically moving left and right to open the way for the tractors. They had left the blockade in Nikaia, Central Greece at 4 o’ clock in the morning to send a strong message to the government that they cannot accept hikes in social contributions and taxes.

The farmers came from all over Greece with chartered buses.

The tractor drivers told media that they will stay in Athens for as long as it takes – although it is not clear yet, where exactly they will park for as long as it takes.

Farmers had earlier said that they will camp outside the Parliament for as long as it takes and set up their tents on Syntagma Square. They brought with them olives, cheese, homemade raki, oranges and rusks to have something to eat for as long as it takes.

The government reportedly plans to take initiative for a dialogue with those farmers who are open to a dialogue.

 Slogan: “Farmer fight! They suck your blood!”

In an exceptional move, the ministers in charge and Greek Police allowed the heavy vehicles to come to down to the center of Athens, something which is normally forbidden.

Right now there seems to be a festive and ‘revolutionary’ mood outside the Parliament as other protesters’ groups joined the farmers.

Earlier today, farmers from Crete rioted with sticks, tomatoes, green peppers and stones and tried to raid the Ministry of Rural Development.

Outside the parliament tonight, farmers reportedly set fire in olive branches, saying that they came in peace and that the demonstration is peaceful. Some people complained about “asphyxiating air” due to the branches burning in …peace.

PS Of course, PM Tsipras allowed the tractors to come outside the Parliament. His Alter Leftist-Ego has been always supporting protests against austerity, after all.

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