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Refugee Crisis out of control: Emergency Plan, maybe State of Emergency and … Job Creation

Under the pressure of a Refugee Crisis that is keeps escalating into an unprecedented level due to the unwillingness of many European countries ot share responsibility, Greek Migration Minister Yannis Mouzalas said on Sunday, that he has drafted and submitted an Emergency Plan to EU.

The cost of the Emergency Plan has been estimated 480 million euro to cover material, infrastructure, staff and other needs.

“The benefit of an emergency plan is that it gives the options of hiring extra staff that will be needed” Mouzalas told private Mega TV on Sunday morning, adding “there is an option to declare state of emergency in the south region of Attica as a means of civil protection.”

There have been some reports that “permissions for leave for common soldiers and some officials have been recalled” and that “the personnel concerned should return to barracks by 06:00 Sunday.” The Armed Forces were allegedly on alert. However these reports have not been officially confirmed so far – and if true, the Army activity could have rather to do with the building of relocations centers and hot spots as the Defense Ministry has been assigned with this job..

The first stages of the plan refer to the opening of s0-called “emergency shelters/camps” two in Attica Prefecture and two in Kilkis prefecture in Northern Greece. These shelters are not “relocation camps” but places like the premises of the old Ellinikon airport,  where refugees and migrants can sleep, get food and enjoy conditions for humane living for as long as it will be needed – or until a solution is found.

“We are building emergency camps – not the usual reception centers – with tents in fields,” Mouzalas stressed.

Authorities are reportedly seeking for more such places to host refugees and migrants as the number of people literally living on the streets has reached a dramatic level.

It is estimated that at least 22,000 people have been stranded in Greece since last Sunday, when FYROM and other West Balkan countries closed borders to refugees following Austria’s instructions. Some 7,000 are waiting in Idomeni to cross the borders, at least 2,000 are in Piraeus, an unknown number is in Athens and in other places on the mainland.

refugees stranded



Mouzalas estimated that some 70,000 people could be ‘trapped‘ in Greece by March.

The Emergency Plan reportedly included also a program to have migrants return back to their countries on voluntarily basis. Should this not work as wished, “forced repatriation” will be implemented. Mouzalas said that “3,000 undocumented migrants returned to their homelands voluntarily” under the program of International Organization for Migration.

The Minister said also that Greece was preparing an online advertisement campaign with the UN for broadcast in Turkey so that migrants and refugees decide not to cross the Aegean.

According to IOM, the number of refuges and migrants to have crossed the Aegean from Turkey is 120,000 for the two first months of 2106.
What is alarming thought is that Mouzalas said this morning also that “it would take some 15 days to get the situation under control”. Ferries keep bringing refugees and migrants form the islands even though half the people as they used to per day. FYROM opens on and off its borders and allows only a small number or people to cross. And the NATO? No report from the eastern Aegean about the Alliance Mission – just some nice pictures of admirals and helicopters, published from the headquarters.
Refugee Crisis and … Job Creation
While everybody is waiting for the EU – Turkey Summit on March 7th, common Greeks are convinced that “Europe will keep the migrants trapped in Greece.” An aunt who lives in one of Athens northern suburbs was telling me that “the mayor was seeking to turn an old abandoned building into a refugee camp.” A cousin of mine was preparing his papers to apply for a job at the Hot Spots.He is 52 and long-term unemployed. “I don’t care where in Greece I have to go, they pay more than 600 per month, that’s better than nothing per month,” Panagiotis said adding he was certain to have a job for “ahhh… five years or more.”
Greek Labor Agency for Employment has opened many vacancies for jobs at the hot spots with payment between €431-€619 per month gross depending on age. these vacancies are for night shifts only.
PS We have talked many times in this blog about Greeks would be working for hunger wages when investors will come in the country ruled by the austerity and ‘competitiveness’ of the IMF and the lenders. things came differently. Investors remain away, but refugees & migrants came and they create…jobs in Greece of 25% unemployment. Same hunger wages. I hope, you get the irony….

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