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+++ Appeal: Volunteers, Food, Drugs, Items Donations for 2,000 stranded Refugees in Piraeus

This is an urgent appeal by the Pan Piraiki Initiative Group of volunteers assisting refugees and migrants arriving at the port of Piraeus on daily basis. Today, Monday, February 29th 2016, there are more than 2,000 people, children, women, men, elderly awaiting to leave for the borders. They cannot. FYROM opens its border on and off and allows maximum 100-300 people cross.

This is a humanitarian crisis – People awaiting food, water, need medicine  and doctors. And volunteers to help wherever there is need.

Below is the appeal by the Pan Piraiki Group – please, respond how ever you can.

At the gates E1, E2, E3 and inside the ship at gate E7 at the Port of Piraeus there are almost 2000 people. We need in large quantities the following.  You can bring them at E1 Terminal
We need people in solidarity to help,
doctors (pathologists, general meds, pediatricians) and nursing staff during all day!!!!
The people in solidarity are requested not to stay at E1, but to help to the other gates that we have luck of hands.
Items Needed
Big electric water boilers,
Milk for adults
Milk for children
Tea, plastic and paper glasses, bowls, spoons, forks
Dry food (biscuits, croissants etc.)
Oxygen bottles
Ersafuril syrop, Vermox syrop, Dufalax syropr
Dexarina Spray,
Candies for the throat
Buscopan plus
Soldesanil drops
Bepanthol creams
Aerotsaber for children
Tobrex – Tobratex
Mucosolvan syrop 15 & 30ml
Klaricid, Azirox, Vibramycin, Voltaren, Trebon, Aerius 10, sterilized tonguesticks,
Μasks. Gloves,
Thermometres, Sudocream
Other items
Blankets – Sleeping Bags
Baby wipes, Diapers, sanitary napkins, soaps, razor blades

Please, Help!

refugees piraeus

Please, Share!

If you cannot make it to Piraeus port, there is a Bank account for money donations:

IBAN: GR53-0171-0530-0060-5304-0030-938



Account Holder: Piraeus Open School for  Immigrants

just add a note: Donation for R

If you want to contact directly:

phone – mobile: +30 6906408586

If everyone of us can help one child, one family, an elderly, a man… then we have helped them all.


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  1. Thanks for posting how we can help.

    Perhaps these folks, who brag about all the money they make selling pharmaceuticals, could donate some?