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Pantelis Pantelidis car crash: Toxicological tests find “large amount of alcohol”

Investigation on the toxicological state of singer Pantelis Pantelidis, who was killed in a car crash six weeks ago, have been concluded, the findings have been handed out to Traffic police. According to online edition of daily To Vima, the findings showed that the singer had consumed large amount of alcohol.

“Pantelis Pantelidis had consumed a large amount of alcohol toxicological and blood tests showed. According to To Vima information, the alcohol quantity found in his blood was more than 1.5 g/Liter, when the maximum limit allowed is 0.50 g/Liter.

No traces of other substances like drugs or medicine have been found.

“The alcohol findings in the blood of the driver are a critical parameter in the investigation of the reasons of the accident. Other critical parameters are the vehicle’s speed at the moment of the accident and the adequacy of the traffic road railings that went through the car and caused significant injuries to the vehicles 3 passengers.” (full article in Greek To Vima here)

Popular singer, Pantelis Pantelis, 33, was killed on February 18th 2016 in a car crash, shocking his family, friends and thousands of fans in Greece and abroad. In the car, he was together with two friends, 20 and 30 years old, both of them injured. One of them is reportedly still hospitalized.

Pantelidis’ family has often expressed doubt that the singer was the driver of the car on that February morning. According to Proto Thema, the Fire Brigades findings are beyond any doubt that the driver was the singer.

According to EU’s Traffic Safety and Alcohol Regulations, by a Blood Alcohol Concentration of 1.5g/L crash rate is 22 times than when driver is sober. With a BAC of 1.5 g/l the crash rate for fatal crashes is about 200 times that of sober drivers.


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