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Turkey’s President furious over German Satire “Erdohow, Erdowhere, Erdogan” (video ENG subtitles)

Unbelievable! Turkey’s neo-ottoman Super Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan was offended by a German satire song and initiated a diplomatic “war”. German Ambassador to Ankara was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry to hear that the song produced by state Radio NDR and program Extra3 was mocking the Turkish president.

According to, NDR’s satirical show extra3 broadcast the song “Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan” on March 17th.

The song mocks Erdogan’s thousand-room presidential palace, famously built over a nature reserve bequeathed by modern Turkey’s founding father Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

It further wounds the Turkish President’s pride with footage of him speaking in a high voice.

“A journalist who writes something that doesn’t please Erdogan will already be in prison tomorrow,” the singer intones.

“The time is ripe for his great Ottoman Empire.”

Further footage in the video shows Erdogan shaking hands with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Be charming, because he holds you in his hand,” the lyrics continue.

Video: Erdohow, Erdowhere, Erdogan (English subtitles)

The story became public late on Monday. Ambassador Martin Erdmann had been called into the Turkish Foreign Ministry on March 22nd to justify the broadcast by the publicly-funded broadcaster. There was no comment from the German Foreign Ministry on the diplomatic spat early on Tuesday morning.

Citing Turkish diplomatic source, Der Spiegel reports that “Turkey demanded that the video will be deleted and not be displayed anymore.”

Erdogan against everyone – foreign diplomats incl

Several diplomatic representatives, including Erdmann and the British Consul General Leigh Turner, had observed the first trial against Cumhuriyet-journalists Dündar and Gül in Istanbul on Saturday. They had revealed arms deliveries of the Turkish secret service to Islamists in Syria. they are charged for alleged espionage and revealing state secrets.

Erdogan in a rage warned the foreign diplomats, that “they can move freely inside their consulate buildings and the consulate area, but to go anywhere else, they would need permission.”

The Turkish president got particularly angry at Turner and warned him without giving his name: “If this person can still continue their service in Turkey, is due to our generosity and our hospitality the” Erdogan said, according to the state news agency Anadolu at an event in Istanbul.

Background is a Twitter message Turners Saturday. He had written, Turkey decide for yourself what kind of country it wants to be. Erdogan said that “with the tweet the limit was exceeded and that “elsewhere, diplomats with such behavior would not be  tolerated even for one day.”

German Journalists stroke back. “We’ve known for a long time that press freedom in Turkey isn’t doing so well,” the German Journalists’ Union (DJV) said in a statement on Tuesday.

BTW Erdogan is a notorious choleric, anyway.

PS I hope there is no war if video with Greek subtitles…

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  1. What is he going to do? Invade Germany? Oh wait, that has been going on for decades…

    Anyway, perhaps he can censor the press in his own country but doing that somewhere else will prove not to be so easy. Best way to react to satire? Not to react at all or pretend that you can take a joke. If not, the joke really is on you.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Just like most Greeks living there these “invaders” are born in Germany and have German passports and this is exactly the reason why the NSU-Nazis murdered Turks AND Greeks. Many of them also shared long before that the same experiences growing up with racism and so you won’t have no success hunting; not to mention that many with Turkish passports were voting the multi-national Syriza called HDP.

      • More Turks (and most Turks) in Germany vote more conservative in Turkish elections than people in Turkey. The Grey Wolves are the largest far-right organization in Germany by membership since 2013, around 10.000 people. More than the neo-Nazi NDP with 5.000. The MHP Türk Federasyon annual meeting has 15.000 followers with 7.000 members. Then there is Millî Görüş, a controversial and very conservative islamic organization that control Turkish mosques in Germany has 50.000 members. Erdogan has called on Turks in Germany not to integrate into that society.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Erdogun also told 500.000 Greeks to invade Germoney but due to his poor Greek only 350.000 reached, the rest ended up in Austria, Switzerland and Belgium drinking Raki with a million Kurds but this is all not quiet so certain because lots of people don’t need national-coloured toilet-articles against identity problems and may be one million Kurds was voting Erdogun; they had a month to count the votes abroad as voters vote a month earlier there.
          You forgot to mention that president Gül was meeting with the German president Wolv in a Grey Wolves cafeteria in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            cut the cr-p

          • You are getting desperate. When you are cornered and out-debated with facts you just react nonsensical. It shows you are a poor debater.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            I see, if Greeks migrate it’s migration and if Turks do so it’s an invasion, like a beweapened migration gets legal and is called colonization instead of “illegal” anything.
            Why doncha move to Vienna and defend there your “western civilization” with it’s eastern god against the Balkans with a giant fence and keep on consuming your useless toys, made in smart racist genocide; also phones belong into houses and not into the streets ego-screaming into strangers ears.
            Fascists are everywhere the same and in reality work together, regarding the Turkish only biker-gangs understood this so far and at least it makes no difference as the consume of products of racism shows that 90% are in fact racists and also destroy the planet for their imperial brats, only the transportation of useless crap and climate-raping oil slaughtered 40% of the oceans animals and instead of getting on their bikes they finance ISIS at the gas-station and are allowed to kill in the streets and call it accident.
            Anyway it must be fun for you to look into New Aryans blogs who discuss that “Greek Nazis look like sandniggers” but you know I also think that your Aryan nations have to give back their 2/3 language-part they’ve stolen from Greek language to not sound too Barbarian and that the billions of European migrants that now call themselves Australian and American have to get relocated to Europe, just in the name of against (illegal) migration and don’t forget your graveyards, they all poison sacred land.

          • You just proved my point.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Just like fascism is no opinion it’s not a point to call Turkey rooted migrants invaders or to think that 10.000 MHP-Boskurt are the majority of voters without even having a glue about how many people voted esp as the majority can’t vote because they don’t have a Turkish passport and also feel more German than Turkish/Kurdish.

  2. There is another, little fun twist, which the English translation unfortunately misses. In German it goes “Erdowi, Erdowo, Erdowahn”. The second part of the last word (ErdoWAHN) means: Delusion, crazyness.

    Just saying :-). Sometimes, we Germans do have humor!

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Only if Turkish subtitles they’ll come to kill antennas

  4. I guess it’s a case of “truth hurts”. Nothing they said in the video were lies.

  5. The past tense of “to strike” is struck, not stroke! I know these irregular English verbs don’t make sense 🙂

  6. A question: why was Erdogan speaking is a silly high-pitched voice anyway? or is it an electronic fake? LOL

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      No fake, 2 years ago he’d lost his voice after speaking too much and had cancelled all following regional-elections campaign-dates back then.

      • Ah, much worse than a fake: it’s real life! That’s why he is so pissed off — everything in it is true!

  7. NATO is intent on regime change in their indispensable-for-Middle-East-wars ally Turkey. How long will Erdo last…

  8. And the EU want to offer him membership ?

  9. That there again is an increase in migrants arriving in Greece is perhaps Erdogan’s reaction to the German satire? If it wasn’t so serious to play with people’s lives I would take my initial reaction (see above) back. Edrogan DOES have a sense of humor.