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Athens: Rioters throw molotov cocktails at riot police during anti-austerity protest – live stream

Rioters wearing hoods started to throw molotov cocktail bombs at riot police during anti-austerity protest in downtown Athens. The cocktail bombs however landed also among the private and public sector protesters who had gathered outside the Parliament on Sunday afternoon. Within minutes, the peaceful protesters were dispersed trying to seek protection from tear gas, sound flares, Molotov cocktails but also chairs the rioters had grabbed from cafeterias on Syntagma Square.

While inside the Parliament government and opposition parties were debating the Pensions Reform and the new taxation bills that will be adopted by the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition later tonight, outside there was quite a havoc.

However, the clashes between police and rioters moved quickly away from the square opposite the Parliament and some protester groups gathered again in front of the Parliament.

Thousands flocked to Syntagma Square on Sunday following the anti-austerity protest call by unions and associations of public and private sector.

Live Stream

At some point, a group of people attacked a man who is reportedly a unionist from the farmers’ sector.

There are also reports that some people attacked a reporter of a private television channel.

Clashes between riot police and rioters continued until 2 o’ clock in the morning in the Exarchia area. Molotov cocktails, garbage bins on fire turned the night int a day.

Police detained 15 people in Syntagma and Exarchia.

more pictures: here, here

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  1. Pension reform is MUST for Greece, wheter you like it or not. It is a question of math not wishes. If Greeks will be able implement the reform, further credit easing is probable, and many people in many countries will be (again) in favour of easing, despite Greeks lost lot of goodwill and credibility mainly during the period of the mantinel Varoufakis.

    Good luck guys.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      This are no reforms, rich pigs are still rich and getting richer, this are just cuts and unlike the bastards with their Orwellian language – just look at Germoney, in this madhouse these corrupted psychopaths call unemployed “customers” – Varoufakis wanted real reforms, not just cuts. But you know, the deeper sense of reforms was always to prevent a revolution, so in the end politicians and big capitalists only escape are helicopters.

    • This is just pure ignorance from you. No country’s pension system could balance after what the Troika has done to the Greek economy: every pension system is dependent on current payments in order to pay pensions. When unemployment is at 25%, the system cannot balance its books.

      Clearly, you have no understanding of economics at all. Moreover, you insult those, such as varoufakis, who do have a high level of understanding. The polite word for people like you is “troll”. The actual word I cannot post here, because it will be censored.

      • if greek pension system eats large portion of GDP (10-15 or more now?) you can write your stories about bad guys all day long, but simple fact is: the pension system MUST eat less from their domestic product, otherwise the default problem will return back again again again… it is as simple as that my dear xenos.

        • Giaourti Giaourtaki

          Cutting pensions and unemployment allowance is illegal as for both workers paid insurance, if a state needs money because of stupid maths he can rob somewhere else, there are enough illegal settler-“nations” on this planet with tons of stolen gold