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Austria: Refugees should be interned offshore, EU resolution to deprive asylum right, Ellis Island model

The head of Austria’s rightist Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz must be metaphorically exploding from the ideas going as expected by a politician of just 29 years old. The guy who looks like a member of arch-conservative student fraternity has left not detail out regarding solutions to stem the refugees and migrants flow to European Union.

Not only he suggests that refugees coming to the EU should  be interned offshore rather than allowed on to the continent. He also wants an EU resolution to deprive of asylum right those who try to enter Europe illegally. And furthermore he has a vision of a European “Ellis Island” entry gate – most likely on the island of Lesvos I would  dare augur.

With regards to “offshore internment”, Kurz is inspired by the Australian model despite the many complains form human rights organizations.

“He said the EU should look to the Australian example of dealing with migrant entries.

Migrants who try to reach Australia by boat are turned back or sent to internment camps in the Pacific Ocean countries of Nauru and Papua New Guinea where they are held indefinitely while their cases are processed. The system has been criticized by human rights groups amidst reports of rape and suicides among detainees.

“The Australian model of course cannot be completely replicated but its principles can be applied in Europe,” Kurz told Die Presse in an interview published Sunday.

Kurz commented that in the first half of the 20th century the United States held new arrivals on Ellis Island as they travelled to New York.

In fact, Ellis Island was an immigration inspection station that processed thousands of new arrivals every day. Immigrants were only held in the station’s infirmaries if they were suspected of carrying infectious diseases but otherwise were not interned, as the minister suggested.

But in an apparent attempt to stake out a tough approach to refugees, Kurz told the newspaper that the EU should adopt a resolution whereby those who try to enter Europe illegally lose their right to demand asylum.

People intercepted trying to reach Australia by boat have been sent for processing to camps in Papua New Guinea or on Nauru. (via DeutscheWelle)

Given the fact that far-right parties have made sweeping gains in recent presidential elections in Austria, I wouldn’t be surprise, if Kurz would not come with more radical ideas …

PS I don’t want to know what he plans for economic migrants…


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  1. Schoolkids with rightwing ideas of this sort are very dangerous. It says much about the stupidity of Austrians that they have elected/appointed an incompetent such as this to a high post. As in the 1930s, the Germanic countries are completely out of control.

  2. Ah Kurz…what a guy! Like another good Austrian, he sports that concentration camp commander look: clean-cut and gazing into a bright future with a clean conscience and with a quiet sense of self and duty.

  3. garo yacoupian

    the following message I have sent to Sebastian kurz in February 10,2016:””Dear Sir,one is the way to stem the flow of refugees into Europe: to build a wall around Syria,Iraq,Libya and Afghanistan and if you would like to reduce the cost of such an operation just make a insurmountable fence around each of these countries.This way,you let them kill each other to the end inside the respective country and help keep Europe intact.This is a clean and civilised European way to do things. Good luck.””

  4. Actually, what are the alternatives?? There are 200 Millions of starvating people in Africa

    • Sent them to Latvia.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        Cool idea for booming industries, they will have higher skyscrapers than NYC and proudly love it.

    • exactly. how will you help poor people by destroying rich countries?

      • When did Latvia become a rich country? I always though of it as the backside or the trash bin of Russia.

        • 1. this was general comment – not about Latvia, but about Austria and (West) Europe
          2. comparing to average african state, Latvia and even Romania, or Bulgaria are very rich countries.
          3. I was never to baltic states, but I am sure they are not trash bin. For example digitalisation and e-governement is more developed there, than in Western Europe.

          • I always though of Austria as nothing more than the (dirty) backside and the trash bin of Germany.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            a come on, Austria has yet an interesting & thoughtful culture – and strudel

  5. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Does this idiot is too dumb to understand that Australia is an illegal squat and so is all “Australian state”‘s actions; I wonder when smart and money-greedy lawyers will figure this and find a way to contact concentration-islanders or their families.
    Austria’s huge part of Lake Constance is perfect for this genious, they train their coast-guard there and can have huge riot-exercises together with Germoney and Switzerland against the protesters at their shores but in the end, for reasons of humanity they’ll build an islands and have a 4th state there but that will be still called KZ as no-one will be allowed to leave from there.