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Like a Greek tragedy “Deus ex machina”, Schaeuble rescues Spain & Portugal with his double standards

We always knew that the problem of German finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble with Greece was the left-wing government SYRIZA and that his former Greek counterpart Yanis Varoufakis was the red cloth in front of the eyes of a raging bull.

Now it is confirmed. the Austerity-obsessed German minister practically ‘rescued’ Spain and Portugal and furthermore he lobbied that the two south-European countries will not get fined for failing to meet EU’s budget deficit caps.

Ahead of the meeting on Wednesday, where the EU’s 27 commissioners were supposed to decide about the fine to be imposed to Spain and Portugal, the famous Greek tragedy figure Deus Ex Machina came and averted it: Wolfgang Schauble.

“The German finance minister, curmudgeonly fiscal hawk and scourge of spendthrift southern Europeans, broke with public type in a concerted, last-minute campaign to stop the sanctions, according to people familiar with his actions,” notes and adds:

“Over the past weeks and days, Schäuble worked the phones and used personal encounters, pressing commissioners on the fence, mostly from his own center-right political block, to cancel the threatened fine.

The behind-the-scenes intervention was driven by political considerations particular to this moment that trumped Schäuble’s long-standing demands for the eurozone nations to keep their budgets in order and abide by commonly agreed rules.”

German magazine Der Spiegel criticized Schaeuble for his double standard approach: treating Spain and Portugal mildly, while he pushed for tough austerity measures that strangled Greece’s economy and people.

“In case of Greece, Schaeuble vehemently rejected any proposal for mild treatment.”

Sure, Schaeuble’s ideological pal Mariano Rajoy is in power and he could not break ties with him.

PS I assume, Schaeuble is Catholic and he will have to confess his sins in front of God.

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  1. He must have lost a woman to a Greek lover.

  2. Maybe he got shot in front of a taverna.

  3. Mi dispiace che non abbiano finito il lavoro iniziato ma sia solo in carrozzina…. spero che presto qualcuno finisca cio che aveva iniziato…. devi solo morire stronzo crucco di merda nazista

  4. Portugese[/Brazil] and Spanish banks are interconnected and on the line here. Sanctioning these 2 countries would bring down the eurozone.

    Whereas Greece is now a non-state and full colony for summer holidays and cheap Acropolis view retiree flats run by NATO / Israel.

  5. I’m reminded of the story of the frog and the scorpion. The scorpion wanted to cross a river so he asked a frog if he could ride on his back. “But you’ll sting me and kill me” the frog wailed. “If I did that then I would die too” said the scorpion. The frog relented and carried the scorpion on his back. Halfway across the scorpion stung the frog. “Why did you do that!” screamed the frog, “now we’ll both die”. The scorpion replied; “I’m a scorpion, that’s what I do”.

    • If you are comparing Schaeuble with a scorpion, this is highly libellous against all scorpions…

  6. An elderly chap in our village, who was a teen during the German Occupation of Greece once mused: “Portugal, Spain and Ireland were neutrals, sympathetic to Germany during the War. Italy was a German ally. Greece conducted one of the most rigorous resistances to German occupation. Do you think that could be why we are being treated like dogs while the other four countries are not? Or is it just coincidence?”

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Sometimes it’s simply like this and they travel Turkey instead of Greece kuz unlike the Turks the “Zazikis” refuse to make’em “Curry”-sausages or they’ve hated the “Gastarbeiters” so much after hearing they’ve build houses from their 16 hours slave-jobs and now they want the houses “back” and every EU civil servant wants a house at the sea with the former owner as toilet paper and some prostitutes.

    • Indeed, Greek resistance delayed Barbarossa, and it was started only end of June, instead of originally planned middle of May. As a consequence, and also due to total miscalculations, Wehrmacht reached the populated areas before Moscow only start of October, when the rasputica started. As a consequence, German heavy armor drowned in the mud for two months (Napoleon was here before). In the meantime lendlease arrived to Archangelsk, especially wool fabric, and the 1941/42 winter was exceptionally harsh.

      As Remarque wrote, “Zeit zu leben und Zeit zu sterben”.

      Stalin was big!

  7. If everyone leaves the European Union GERMANY THE GREAT is permanantly screwed.

  8. The foreseen fine was rather low, but would hurt the solvency image and thus the financing prospects for both countries. However, in the case of Spain the fine’s removal is linked with a cut down of EUR 20.000 millions within the next 3 years. Austerice is coming hard on Spanish citizens too.

    The euro is only good for German bankers and corporations. The EU is not about the citizens, and if it does not change then it would be better to quit it.