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Thessaloniki: Solidarity movement blocks bank from confiscating the home of disable man – For now! (video)

The atmosphere in court room was tense on Wednesday afternoon in Thessaloniki. Members of the local solidarity movement had flocked to express solidarity with a man with disabilities who was about to lose his home due to debts to the bank.

At the same time, several police squads in full uniform had entered the court room in order to keep the law and order. Soon, the situation got out of control, the crowd chanter “No home to any banker!”, water bottles flew through the air, solidarity supporters and riot policemen pushed each other amid shoutings , one shield broke apart after it landed on the back of a protester.

Citing members of the solidarity movement, writes that the home owner is a man with 85% disability after a series of brain strokes and heart attacks “triggered by his dispute with the bank.”

The man, a former entrepreneur, had a 300,000-euro business loan to the bank and additional 60,000-euro debt to the social security fund for self-employed OAEE. Apparently the dispute of the 60-year-old man with the bank had started already a couple of years ago, probably before 2010.

According to the man, he has disability of 85% confirmed by the official committees of the Health Ministry, he has no income and is registered as “poor” at the municipality of Thessaloniki so that he can have access to medication. He claimed that due to debts to the social security fund, he was not able to receive disability pension.

The case landed in court room as the bank tried to confiscate his home.

Awaiting the trial, the man had written to solidarity movement and the Popular Unity party in Thessaloniki and asked for support.

After the tension and the brawl and with the protesters shouting to judges to go away, the trial was interrupted. The next session is expected soon.

The signs predict that he will lose his only home and the family of six that has also a son with disabilities will have to seek a way to come through life.

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