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Patras: Debtor jumps into death – Four suicides in 10 days

A man jumped to death from the roof of his home in Ayia near Patras on Thursday. He has left a hand-written note saying “In the end, I wasn’t worth for anything.”

According to local media, the 45-year-old man had a loan that he was not able to serve as the economic crisis had also changed the situation for civil servants.

He was working as electronics engineer at the Greek Air Force. he was wearing his uniform when he jumped.

He leaves behind a wife and a child, 19 years old.

It is reportedly the third suicide in the last 10 days in the prefecture of Achaia. A shepherd, 45, was found hanged next to the sheep pen on Wednesday, while another shepherd, 43, also hanged himself the previous week.

Yesterday, the body of  39-year-old man was found hanging from a tree in a public park in Moschato suburb of south Athens. He had left a notice citing “personal and family reasons.” His wife in shock said she had no idea about her husband’s intentions. He was father to a minor.

Suicide rates saw a sharp increase after the economic crisis broke out in Greece.

PS At some point I stopped reporting about them because it was very painful to write just a few lines about tragedies suffered by the little anonymous people. The most prominent victim of the Greek crisis was the President of Jet Oil, Kyriakos Mamidakis, who committed suicide after his company filed for bankruptcy.

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  1. Well done 4th Reich, occupation forces and local collaborators; decisive steps taken to achieve the target “empty the land”. This will be supplemented with elimination by hunger, illnesses and imprisonment for fabricated tax debts.

  2. It is terrible to see what this crisis is doing to people. Suicide might be seen as a way out but they leave grieving families and friends behind. All the while, there are those that are really responsible for these suicides and misery that still walk around free…