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Erdogan: Turkey will dispute all stipulations of the Lausanne Treaty

“The Lausanne Treaty is not an indisputable text, it is not holy. Of course we will discuss it; we will attempt to find a better solution. They should not find a fault with us for we have given our word to the nation. We will dispute all stipulations (of the treaty).” For one more time, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan challenged the Lauzanne Treaty and made it official: renegotiation of the Treaty of 1923 that marked the boundaries of modern Turkey.

“The future must be planned on the basis of a profound analysis of history, Turkey will built itself a bigger country with the help of Allah,” Erdogan told the members of the new Security Council in Ankara.

He emphasized that the Lausanne Treaty under which 3 million sq km of Ottoman lands were reduced to 780,000 sq km.

“And this happened in Lausanne, under our very noses. They took so much land away from us and, yet, some people found a reason to be proud of this. What were we, what have we become, what will we be? This is a very important question for us,” he pointed out.

more on Turkey – Erdogan and the Lausanne Treaty here.

Now some mean Greeks claim that Erdogan puts the Lausanne on the agenda due to the deadlocked Cyprus issue. But Greeks love to give ‘excuses’ why Ankra does this or that,

PS just wondering at which international level, body or institution Erdogan will push for a Lausanne Treaty renegotiation. And with whom. Certainly, not with Greece.


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  1. Erdogan does not have to push for a renegotiation. Any treaty can be denounced. If Turkey does that, it means that the borders of Greece no longer exist (according to Turkey) and is a direct military threat to Greece and the EU. This is no surprise to Greeks, but the idiot Europeans may be taken aback — especially the UK, which has been supporting Erdogan all this time.

    • what can is the legal body where a treaty is been denounced? not any? or the countries that co-signed?

      • Well, most international treaties are either global or bilateral, so their denunciation is unilateral. In the case of Lausanne, it is between Turkey and the UK, France, Italy, Greece, Romania, Yugoslavia and Japan. In reality, only Greece and Romania are directly affected by its denunciation, since all the other countries have lost their territory in the region. There is no enforcement mechanism for upholding a treaty that is denounced — other than war. How much do you want to bet that the UK, France, Italy and Japan will declare war on Turkey? LOL.
        So, if Turkey denounces Lausanne and lays claim to Aegean islands and oilfields… The whole point of Greece being in the EU and NATO should have been to protect it from Turkey — as opposed to stealing money from EU funds. But there is nothing in place to protect Greece: not only resolution or legal instrument. And the various Greek governments since 1981 did nothing to persuade the EU to take such steps.

      • A Treaty can usually be denounced under the terms of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (1969). However, Turkey has not signed the convention, whereas Greece has.

  2. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    A politician who believes in 2000 years old hallucinations should be treated like a drug-addict and the moment a government comes up with madhouse-gossip like “with gods help”, their embassies should be closed immediately – any Turkish citizen who asks for Asylum should claim that s/he’s an Atheist and so can escalate the progression of granting.

  3. Giaourti Giaourtaki

    Sorry, I didn’t see the photo but can’t anyone explain him that wolves don’t bark?

  4. Good luck with finding somebody that wants to negotiate that with you. Perhaps Bosnia and Kosovo that he sees as Turkish countries but other than that there is nobody in the region. And that would open up a can of worms that nobody wants to let out. And let’s not forget that other part of the Ottoman Empire which covers what is now Syria, Iraq, Jordan and SA. And then there is Armenia.
    Perhaps he would like to go back to the precussor of Lausanne which basically carved Turkey up between the victors of WWI.
    This man who thinks he is Suleman is bad news for Turkey but many there and Turks in Western Europe love him a lot and his illusions of Greater Turkey aka Ottoman Empire.

    • yeah, we’d love to have the Treaty of Sevres implemented.
      This “Great-er” whatever seems to be a bit inspired by Trump, but Erdogan/Turkey is scared to death to lose territory on long terms should a Kurdish state be established in its SE. So I think it’s logical that he screams to calm his own fears.

      • Joe A made a very good point:

        “…Turks in Western Europe love him a lot and his illusions of Greater Turkey…”

        I will give you an advice. Think about in what way a large muslim (eg. Turkish) minority influences the foreign policy of country that accepted them, ok? Once you did that, think about what the situation will be when the minority rises in power. How will this minority behave towards Turkish territorial ambitions and what will be the impact on foreign policy of such a country especially if the minority manages to form a political party. And once you did that, think about your “refugees welcome” attitude – then let me know what you are your conclusions, ok? Thanks in advance…

        • Turkey will swallow Slovakia

        • So far these parties are small or Turks in Western Europe vote for the left parties such as the various labour parties. And there are plenty of examples in these parties where -at the local level at least- Turks take over these parties and intimidate non-Turks. Turks in Western Europe are close knit societies that rally around Milli Gurus, Erdogan, the mosque, Grey Wolves and those warm cosy feelings of nationalism and that good old Ottoman Empire. Only a few venture outside of these comunities.
          “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…”
          Erdogan meant these words. Europe could turn into Bosnia.

          • Thank you. I agree.

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            Given that after the coup only 30.000 of them demonstrated in Cologne to shout “We are Germany” this is satire – millions of them don’t care, participation in Turkish elections is very low (of 8% 48% voted AKP) and even in big cities like Berlin Grey Wolves are under one thousand – every famous squat that gets evicted there creates more trouble than the louder parts of this silent majority and lots of them hates to be classified as “migrants”, Turks or Germans.

      • One way or another he has to put his money where his mouth is, that is, he needs to make these claims real. So he either goes to some organization or court (whichever these may be) or he needs to take action. Unless of course he says this all only for rethorics and then cry wolf (grey wolf…) is he doesn’t get what he wants. So he can boost nationalist feelings are support. But it all might end very badly for Erdogan and Turkey.
        Turkey is looking East and mind join the SCO and abandon the EU. But despise its size, Turkey would only be a small player. So perhaps that is why Erdogan is looking for ‘Lebensraum’ but the former territories or the Ottoman Empire are not keen on playing his game. He wants to present himself as the champion of Islam but nobody in the ME wants his ‘leadership’.

      • Giaourti Giaourtaki

        If he cancels Lausanne then logically Sevres rules but any court’s look into statistics will reveal how many Greeks lived in this area, after the “population”-exchange they had to place so many Turks there that even their original area wasn’t Turkish any more.
        He should be much smarter, eliminate the Nazi-Turks, have peace with Kurdistan and rename Turkey into a federal Anatolian republic and correct this Ataturks nationalistic mistake.

        • nationalism and smartness are not compatible.

        • No, there is no default to Sevres. Sevres is a failed treaty. The default is to chaos and potential war. Erdogan is off his head, unless this is mere posturing to play his political games.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Kosovo? Wasn’t it Albanians that revolted not only together with Greeks in Greece but also later in the Balkan Wars against the Ottoman Empire? Any way, any recreation of Ottoman Empire means minority rights and Autonomia for Kurdistan, as this empire was reformed since 1876 and lead directly into the New Turks movement.

  5. If Erdogan believes it’s acceptable to try to renegotiate the border treaty after the end of the Ottoman Empire then it must also be acceptable to question the creation of the Ottoman Empire in the first place, which was established not by bilateral treaty but by unilateral conquest.

    • good point!

    • Not the ottoman empire — which was clearly a military conquest — but Turkey itself is threatened by denouncing the Lausanne Treaty. What it means is that Erdogan would have to assert Turkish territorial claims by military force, as opposed to leaving things as they are and backed by treaty. This guy is very dangerous.