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Rhodes Fallow Deer: €5000 reward for clues leading to identification of serial killer

Τhe hunting club of the island of Rhodes will reward with 5,000 euros anyone giving clues that will lead to the identification and arrest of the unknown perpetrator who has been killing deer during the last weeks.

The latest victim of the cruel murderer, a fawn, was found Monday morning, on the second Christmas day, in the area of Maritsa in Upper Kalamonas.

A couple of hours later, two more deer shot dead were located nearby.

Ten days ago, the bodies of fourteen deer – among them many fawns – were found in the area. they were shot dead with a hunting rifle.

It is not clear whether it is one or several killers in action.

Local media speak of “a paranoid serial killer” who shoots deer with bullets straight to their hearts.

According to local newspaper, the telephone number for clues that will lead to identification and arrest of the killer is: 6940267975

The Rhodian Fallow Deer (Dama Dama) is considered as one of the island’s symbols.

It inhabits the forests and forms part of the island’s legends. It is one of the few European species of deer that have survived until today.

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  1. A hungry family? I do not agree on pouching, but mayyyybe I could understand the despair of hunger…. But to kill 20 deers and just leave them there???? Catch them please, and punish them HARD!!!!

  2. Who is allowed to have a hunting rifle on the island ? I thought you could only own a shotgun for shooting birds and hares….if so then this person could be a real danger and start head shooting people next…..