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Minister: Greece has no plans to populate islets in the Aegean Sea

Deputy Shipping Minister Nektarios Santorinios said there are no plans to create infrastructure or settle people on uninhabited islets in the Aegean Sea as part of the government’s plans to develop them.

In a statement Santorinios said among others that the plan foresees the touristic exploitation for the benefit of neighboring large islands, based on a specific thematic European program. The aim is to attract tourists to the uniqueness of these islands and to observe the rare animal species living in the islands.

He added that under this specific thematic European program, efforts were made for the financing of measures that will help to highlight the uniqueness of these sites, in order to exploit their special characteristics. The aim was to provide additional growth opportunities around the major islands by attracting tourists with an interest in observing rare species of animals, for example, in neighboring  uninhabited islands. There are no plans to create other infrastructure or settlement.

Any other interpretation or distorted reproduction of these efforts of the Ministry on that program does not correspond to reality and poses malice intentions.

Furthermore, Santorinios said  added, what Greece does within its territory is its own business.

Santorinios comments come a day after Ankara expressed its opposition and urged Athens to show “prudence” on “such a sensitivity matter.”

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  1. Of course, the subservient cowardly Quislings of Athens will obey their Sultan and their 4th Reich leader.