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State ERT to stop live streaming of Golden Dawn speeches and events

Greece’s state broadcaster ERT will no longer broadcast live speeches and events of  Golden Dawn MPs. At the same time, a commission will be established with the purpose to examine whether recorded material with and of GD party officials is transmittable or not.

Public television channel ERT announced on Monday it will no longer broadcast live the speeches or events of Golden Dawn MPs, while a committee will decide whether to broadcast recorded material.

According to Athens News Agency, The decision comes after the furore caused over the weekend by the broadcast a Golden Dawn event to mark the Imia crisis of 1996.

“ERT had sent a query to the National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) on whether it is obliged to broadcast Golden Dawn’s speeches and events. The NCRTV decided that under Article 15 of the Constitution, ERT is required to observe, on the one hand, the principle of proportional equality, but on the other, not to broadcast racist and xenophobic events, which however are legal concepts which ‘have not yet been legally processed and specialized’,” ERT president Dionysis Tsaknis said, responding to the criticism of daily Efimerida Ton Syntakton.

The daily sharply criticized the ERT live broadcast of a GD event on Sunday to commemorate the Imia crisis of 1996. The daily wrote of  “Golden Dawn fiestas” with “the participation of Nazis from Germany, Australia, Italy, Serbia and Poland, where known Hitler-slogans like Heil mein Führer and Sieg Heil were heard” and live transmitted.

Tsaknis said that “the management of ERT decided that: 1) Golden Dawn speeches will not broadcast live and 2) a committee will decide on whether the recorded material can be broadcast or not.”

On its side, the NCRTV – the TV regulator- has not reacted to ERT’s decision and said it will review the material and make recommendations -if deemed necessary – to the public television channel.

Golden Dawn described the decision as “censorship the Stalinist way.”

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  1. More propoganda. They were paying respects to those who died protecting their country at imia in 1996. Which all Greeks should do. I think that newspaper should stop peddling lies that nazis were in attendance from all over the world and nazi slogans were transmitted. If they were the ERT would have broadcast them. I’m in Australia and I’m not aware of Nazis here but somehow the paper knows ???? Public to channel blacklists people they dint agree with paid by Greek citizens

    • As IMIA as part of Greek territory is considered by the British navy to be a mistake that they made on a map in world war II, the whole hysteria about it in both Greece and Turkey is stupid. It is an unpopulated island of no value other than for nationalist propaganda — on both sides.

      • Treaty of Lausanne gave all islands that weren’t named individually to Greece that was 3 miles and over from Turkish coastline to Greece. It’s ours simple. Whether it’s a rock or not is irrelevant
        Would you like your neighbour taking some of your land whether it was a cm? Give them a rock next they’ll take a island. Turkey are a bunch of bullies, who only respond to
        Aggression. This is fact.
        What’s your is yours. What’s ours is ours. As per alll treaties and agreements

        • The Lausanne Treaty says no such thing. There is massive dispute between Greece and Turkey over the whole Aegean area, precisely because the Treaty is deficient in its coverage of detail.

          • the treaty of laussane gave the islands to italy. Laussane treaty states ARTICLE 6.
            In the absence of provisions to the contrary, in the present Treaty, islands and islets Iying within three miles of the coast are included within the frontier of the coastal State.
            ARTICLE 15.

            Turkey renounces in favour of Italy all rights and title over the following islands: Stampalia (Astrapalia), Rhodes (Rhodos), Calki (Kharki), Scarpanto, Casos (Casso), Piscopis (Tilos), Misiros (Nisyros), Calimnos (Kalymnos), Leros, Patmos, Lipsos (Lipso), Simi (Symi), and Cos (Kos), which are now occupied by Italy, and the islets dependent thereon, and also over the island of Castellorizzo.

            The Italy ceded ceded them to greece in 1947.

            Italian peace treaty
            ARTICLE 14
            1. Italy hereby cedes to Greece in full sovereignty the Dodecanese Islands
            indicated hereafter, namely Stampalia (Astropalia), Rhodes (Rhodos),
            Calki (Kharki) , Scarpanto, Casos (Casso) , Piscopis (Tilos), Misiros
            (Nisyros), Calimnos (Kalymnos), Leros, Patmos, Lipsos (Lipso), Simi
            (Symi), Cos (Kos) and Castellorizo, as well as the adjacent islets.

            Pretty clear to me.

          • keeptalkinggreece

            thanks for the info

          • It is not clear to international lawyers, which is rather more relevant than your opinion.

          • What lawyers are those ? Name one so called international lawyer and their legal opinion. No turkish ones please. I didn’t know there was such a thing as international lawyer lol. Troll much

          • You have not heard of international law? Well, that says something about your lack of knowledge. Perhaps you should try getting an education before posting opinions on things that are highly expert and complex. Do you do your own medical exams and operations, too?

          • So sensitive. Rule in life don’t say anything on the internet you would not say in real life. You argue with everyone on here with your anti Greek views
            International law yes I know . international lawyers no. Perhaps you means lawyers who specialise in international law. Still waiting for “international lawyers” who dint agree with Greek stance. European Union agreed with Greece, which country has agreed with turkey since you seem so fond of them

          • Giaourti Giaourtaki

            C’mon let’s get rich, frat and famous and ask the bumfuck to pay us a huge conference-building on Imia to host (his) promised independent conference regarding the genocides in Asia Minor…

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Last year 15 Nazis from Krautland Nazi-party “Der 3. Weg” were invited and made a huge mistake sitting in their Nazi-fashion and ordering Doner-Kebab in Monastiraki, delivery came promptly from anti-fascist patriots and let’em eat wood:

      Greece was winning against Germoney 6:0 into hospital. BRAVO!

      Will the Golden Downers please leave America? It’s Indian Land not your land, it was not made for you, only for me, so pl go home to Europe, you’re the invaders

  2. They weren’t invited from GD. GD Opposes anything nazi related. After what the nazis did to Greece during world war 2 any self respecting greek wouldn’t be happy.

    • Giaourti Giaourtaki

      Do you think you can wash’em here? They’re kraut-friendly and anti-Greek, it’s the same traitors who collaborated with Nazis joining their occupation forces.
      They invited German Nazis into Greek parliament and made photos of this visit, they’ve posted! As far as I remember KTG also reported this scandal: German Nazis disguised as journalists invited by a Greek party!
      One of these Krauts is also connected to the German Nazi-terrorists that murdered 8 Turks and 1 Greek!
      Most is in German but this is Xrisy Avgi’s language anyway:

      Unlike in Germoney where they’re migrants in Australia and America they’re illegals and squaters, they opened up offices in Chi-Town, in Astoria (Greeks rallied against!) and Melbourne
      Proud patriots don’t steal whole continents like Australia

  3. It’s crystal clear to everyone except you and turkey. It’s also clear to the EU who agreed with Greece. Any reason you argue with everyone on this site ?

    • So you think that nobody can argue, we all have to agree? I suggest you get your head examined — for fascist brain disorder.

  4. You seem to argue on every article, shouting your wrong whilst insulting them on top of it all , all while hiding behind a screen. This reflects a personality disorder, lack of social skills

    Let it go …let it go … you’ll be happier for it

  5. P,S Can you advise which international lawyers as you claim back Turkey please?

    • No. I have read so much on this and more than 10 years ago, that I cannot recall. When I worked on the issue of the Greek-Turkish border, the Foreign Ministry officials also commented that the interpretations of both Lausanne and even the Paris Peace Treaties of 1947 are heavily contested. Things are never simple in international law. The Greeks have one view, and the Turks another. Possibly both are wrong, anyway.

      • Are you a turkish MIT agent. It seems you’re all over the internet with your anti greek- sentiment- From Yiannie Varoufakis site to at least 3 other sites including here. As soon as there is a Golden Dawn article its like alarm bells ring for you, and you cant help yourself and beat your chest with the usual rhetoric. Fascist, Nazis, Murderers, Rapist, Molesters etc

        • Oh, so it’s anti-Greek to disagree with Golden Toilet fascists, is it? No, it is the golden crapheads who are anti-Greek, promoting Nazi beliefs (we have all seen the video of them training with Nazi salutes and in military uniform). Go and live in Germany, if you like the Nazis.

  6. As such if you dont have evidence , apart from “I read it ten years ago” perhaps admit defeat and stop with the propaganda. EU sided with Greece so that pretty much seals it. Why dont turkey take it international court of justice then? Greece wants to deal with it legally in international court of justice, whilst Turkey wants to place pressure, make idle threats and negotiate.Just Like the 12 mile rule? Turkey enforces 12 mile rule in Black Sea but threatens Greece with war in the Aegean if Greece does same. The text is fairly clear even to a layman. Turkish government view on almost everything is twisted, warped, especially so under erdogan. Just like a bitter ex wife who didn’t get what they wanted in the divorce Him and his cronies bitche on the daily about ottoman borders. It’s like Greece complaining that India belongs to Greece because alexander conquered it thousands sof years ago

    • I don’t need to cite what is standard legal knowledge that the borders of Greece and Turkey in the Aegean are unclear with regard to uninhabited islands. It has nothing to do with what a layman thinks. Nor is it propaganda to tell you that both the Greek and the Turkish positions are nationalistic propaganda. The EU has not sided with Greece at all: it is merely asserting that Turkey respect the borders of the EU. It is not saying exactly where the borders are, other than Greece owns all the inhabited islands that are desiginated as Greek.
      Grow up and try to think rationally.

  7. Well you do need to cite it as you made claims withour evidence, as such its not valid Its all in the treaties below

    On the basis of the Lausanne Treaty (Article 15) Imia, along with the Dodecanese islands in their entirety, were given to Italy. According to Articles 12 to 16 it is apparent that Turkey ceded all sovereign rights over all the islands lying more than 3 miles off the Asiatic coast, apart from the Imvros, Tenedos and Rabbit islands. Consequently, Turkey also ceded all sovereign rights over the Imia islets, which lie 3.7 miles off the Turkish coast.

    The Italo-Turkish Agreements of January 1932 and the additional protocol of 28.12.1932, on the basis of which the territorial waters of the two countries between the coast of Asia Minor and the Dodecanese islands were defined. It should be stressed that the Imia islets were ceded to Italy by the Treaty of Lausanne, which is easily confirmed by the fact that in Point 30 of the additional Protocol, which was signed on 28.12.1932, they are referred to as one of the points under Italian sovereignty from which the median line dividing the territorial waters between Italy and Turkey shall be calculated.

    Under the 1947 Paris Peace Treaty (Article 14), sovereignty of the Dodecanese including the Imia islets was ceded by Italy to Greece. Greece thus succeeded Italy as sovereign state over the Dodecanese.
    The above legal argument is supported in practice by uninterrupted and peaceful Greek sovereignty over the Imia islets since 1947, which was never contested by Turkey until the 1995-1996 crisis.

    Crystal Clear for those who want the truth!

    • P.S

      The EU HAS indeed agreed with Greece
      “The European Parliament of the European Union (EU)
      recognizes the Treaty Regimes including the 1932 Convention and 1932 Protocol as the maritime boundaries of Greece and therefore as the external maritime boundaries of the EU

      Resolution of the European Parliament dated February 15, 1996; See also Declaration 37 Adopted by the 15 Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU dated July 15, 1996.

      Is that enough proof for you??

      • It is proof of nothing. How many times do I have to tell you that all treaties have ambiguities and grey areas? Idiot Tsipras is claiming that there are no grey areas in the treaties: the guy does not even know what law is.

        And the 1932 convention does not cover the Dodecanese, since they were Italian territory.

        Moreover, the European Parliament is not the EU: it is the European Parliament. YOu do not have a clue about law or politics.

  8. You can’t be serious.?They use the island as a marker and name it specifically in 1932, namely the appendix. What’s not clear? The 1932 agreement is about the delimitation of territorial waters. Laussane gave the islands to Italy. What you talking about the 1932 Doesn’t mention Dodecanese. It Doesnt need to. How thick can you be? Obviously no proof is good enough for you. Either way none of your arguments stack up. I know it hard to admit you’re wrong but try. Well respect you more for it. The European Parliament is legislative and has precedence and authority over all authority at euro level. There opinion isn’t good enough either is it ?

    • You do not know anything. Resolutions of the EP are not law and are not binding on the EU. Your ignorance is beyond belief. What is ridiculous about this argument is that I live in and support Greece in every way I can. I am just telling you that your comments about law are incorrect. Greece is very seriouly threatened by Turkey and will get fuck all help from the EU. Got it? Greece needs experts and political friends to help it through all of the current mess, not accusing its friends of siding with the Turks for telling you facts.
      Your right wing nationalists are all the same: full of shit and detached from reality. You will fuck Greece even more with your stupidity.