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Thessaloniki: Anarchists clash with police and nationalists (videos)

Clashes between anarchists and police forces occurred Sunday noon in Thessaloniki around the White Tower. The clashes began when anarchists attacked a passerby, whom they considered to be member of a nationalist group that held a demonstration nearby.

The atmosphere was tense ever since the morning, as some 20 members of the nationalist organization “Sacred Band” had planned a gathering in front of the statue of Votsi. The anarchists had planned an antifa protest gathering nearby.

Media report that the anarchists were approximately 50 people.

The two groups were separated from each other through the presence of riot police squads.

The anarchists have reportedly initially verbally attacked a cyclist coming from the directions of the nationalists’ gathering. Ultimately they pushed him down and started to beat him.

Riot police intervened with tear gas and sound flares, detained three people.

A protester, a young woman, was reportedly injured.

According to some media, the two groups started to throw stones at each other.

At the same time, a third group marched through the city in northern Greece.

Some 300 people among them local politicians gathered to commemorate the Holocaust. It is the day, the first train left Thessaloniki with thousands of Jews abroad. End station the concentration camps in Germany and death.


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