Friday , February 3 2023
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Appalling conditions for 400 refugees and migrants on Chios island (video)

Living conditions at the provisional settlement for new arrivals on the island of Chios are appalling. Four hundred people, men, women, children and elderly, could soon find their tents in the sea.

Sanitary facilities are absent. Dozens of rats jump around from rock to rock, from tent to tent.

The tents provided by the UNHCR could be soon found floating in the sea.

“It is like hell,” refugees and migrants tell reporters of local newspaper Politis Chios.

The provisional settlement was established when the capacity of Souda camp was exhausted and people had put provisional tents outside.

According to official data, there are 2,072 refugees and migrants on the island.

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  1. And whose fault is this? The camps are not run by the Greek state but by the NGOs that receive 100% of the EU funds for this purpose. Nor is the migration the fault of the Greek state, nor the wars. The fact that the tragi-theatre of little boats coming to Greece “illegally” continues 18 months after the EU officially opened its doors to migration is also ridiculous. The EU should be bussing the new migrants out of Turkey in comfort.

  2. They should be bussed straight to the warmongering NATO nations responsible for this human tragedy – UK, France, Germany, Netherlands. And flown to the United States.