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Experts confirm “tsunami” in Plomari harbor after earthquake in Lesvos (video)

The earthquake that stroke with 6.3 R on Monday in the sea area between the islands of Lesvsos and Chios in the East Aegean Sea “caused a tsunami,” the chairman of  Greek Earthquake Planning and Protections Organization (EPPO) said on Wednesday.

Speaking to website, Efthymios Lekkas confirmed that a tsunami occurred, even though of small wave amplitude, of a wave height of 30 or 40 centimeters.

“We combined eye-witness testimonies and footage shot by amateurs” Lekkas said adding “We observed blur of the sea water, vortex, drawback and return of waters and characteristic movememnts of the boats” Lekkas said.

The peculiar movement of the waters in the harbor of Plomari, in south Lesvos were captured on a video right after the earthquake on Monday.

Video: raw footage

According to, there were also reports of fish jumping out of the water.

A second video uploaded later on Monday, shows strong submarine currents and tide inside the harbor of Plomari. The strong currents lasted quite some time with the effect that the rope holding a touristic boat on the dock broke.

48 hours after the powerful tremor and the extend of the damages is visible. 250 homes in Plomari suffered  damages, at least 10 houses have been declared as “uninhabitable” by the teams of technical experts inspecting the area.

45 residents of a care facility for elderly have been evacuated as the building suffered serious damages.

Schools remain closed until Thursday.

Residents who cannot return to their homes have found shelter by relatives or local hotels and touristic facilities.

The government considers to subside rent and damage repair for the people who lost their homes. Authorities want to avoid the establishment of a settlement with containers. It is a widely applied practice that leaves victims of earthquakes and other natural disasters to bring a life in containers for years.

State of Emergency has been declared for the island.

While aftershocks continue without a break, seismologists expect an aftershock of up to 5.5 R to diffuse the energy tension.

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