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Property owner beats PPC worker cutting power due to debts

A property owner on the island of Syros beat a worker at the Public Power Company when he attempted to cut the power due to debts. However, the alleged attacker’s family says that the worker pushed back the 71-year-old man.

The worker was submitted to hospital where doctors treated his injuries. He was later released.

The PPC regional director filed a law suit against the property owner.

The union GENOP-PPC called for the exemplary punishment of the perpetrator, hailed the director’s decision to file a law suit and spoke of PPC and DEDDHE staff “working selflessly and professionally to deal with the problems across the country” and always “at the customer’s side.”

It is normally the DEDDHE staff that is assigned with order to cut the power to customers who do not pay their electricity bills.

However, the family of the property owner claims that it was first the DEDDHE-worker who attacked the 71-year-old man.

The family told local media that the 71-year-old man had torn apart the order papers whereupon  the worker pushed him back “and he fell over his grandson.”

It looks as if both sides will solve the issue at the court.

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