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New procedure for the issue of new electronic card for Athens Public Transport

After the chaos with the new electronic cards with commuters to spend hours on queues waiting for their issue, the Athens public transport organization OASA decided to introduce an alternative procedure in order to speed up the issuing process and eliminate the long queues. while they’re  waiting to replace their old paper cards with the new electronic card, the so-called ATH.ENA Card..

The new procedure refers to personalized electronic cards for the public transport means in Athens. The new electronic cards will be sent to applicants per post.

According to, the new procedure will be available as of next Monday, October  16th 2017.

Holders of full-price monthly commuters cards will be able to apply for the new electronic cards (which will be needed when the new ticket barriers go into operation) at all ticket offices on metro lines 1, 2 and 3, submitting an open envelope containing the supporting documents and other items needed.

These will include:

  1. One passport or ID photograph
  2. A photocopy of a document certifying the applicant’s AMKA (social security number)
  3. A photocopy of the old paper monthly and the October travel coupon, or other coupon issued in 2017
  4. A printout of the application and QR code issued via the OASA website
  5. The name of the applicant and the address where the new electronic card should be sent must be written on the outside of the envelope, which will be used to post the card to the applicant once it is issued.

Once the new card has arrived in the post, the card holder will be able to load their card and buy any fare products needed at the automated ticket-vending machines in all stations and selected locations in Athens. More information on specific locations is available via the athenacard web-page.

The new electronic cards will be essential when the new ticket barriers go into operation at metro and urban train stations.

More on the smart cards and tickets here

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  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    It seems to me that Greek policy makers always make things as complex as possible, refuse to consider the possibility that they have made even a single error in the system put together, then when the entire thing falls apart (predictably) construct other complex mechanisms for people to solve the problems that should not have existed in the first place.

    As Einstein said: “Things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler”. Presumably, if he had been Greek, he would had said “Things should be as complicated as possible, so that nobody can understand anything”. [Note: this applies to post-Byzantine Greeks, not to older periods. The underlying cultural problem for modern Greece is always the Greek church and its promotion of itself, instead of the Greek people.]

  2. Lol this is hilarious to get a monthly card in UK you need no documents whatsoever unless you are getting a discounted one and need to prove why!

    It’s almost like Greek transport wants you to fare dodge by making it so hard to get a ticket! I’ll keep on riding for free, the barriers seem a long way away!

  3. with Oyster in UK, you register your card so your oyster card is unique to you if you are scared from any theft (like credit card) and when you loose it they immediately wipe out all the credits from your oyster and move to your new one (when you inform TFL) .so no one can use that card again unless they top it up..theft argument doesnt make sense to me if you have good technology backing up the system…with current formalities, I have to agree with Syrizee barriers seem long way.. Just to get a card!! as they say All around Robin Hood’s barn!!

  4. Helen Papadogianni

    So what is the procedure if you are just visiting for a day and want to use public transport?