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Justice Minister seeks legal measures against vulgar and homophobic front-page of conservative daily

Justice Minister Stavros Kontonis asked the prosecutor of  Greece’s Supreme Court to investigate the homophobic and vulgar front page of far-right daily newspaper “Eleftheri Ora.”

One day after the Parliament adopted the legislation for gender change, the newspaper published its Wednesday edition with the title Travesti – Parliament and subtitles: Abdomen bill passed by 148 “perverts”  and  Beat every sissy

Furthermore, the newspaper pictures leaders of political parties that voted in favor of but also against the bill dressed in women’s clothes.

With its abusive language against the lawmakers and people with different sexual orientation but also its its incitement to violent acts, the front page triggered an outrage.

Minister Kontonis sent a copy of the newspaper edition to the prosecutor who will investigate violations of the anti-racism law.

SYRIZA condemned in a statement the front-page describing it as “offensive, intolerant, inhumane and legally culpable.”  This front-page “fully justifies SYRIZA’s unwavering attitude to protect and deepen the civil and social rights of all citizens,” the statement said among others.

Also a lawyer filed a lawsuit against the newspaper for the offenses of incitement to racist violence and the provocation to commit criminal offense. Lawyer Agis Tatsis said that “the racism and the violence it generates will not infect out society.”

The Watchdog Against Racism and Fascism in the Media has also asked for the prosecutors’ intervention but also of Journalists’ Union ESIEA.

An article in the Greek edition of Huffington Post notes that “the prosecutor should have intervened against Eleftheri Ora long ago as it is not the first time the newspaper dictates racism in its front-page.”


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  1. With so many really important problems in the world who has the time to waste with this LGBT/ trans-gender / SJW rubbish. It is only a low level distraction from what should really concern serious people.