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1,700 Greek doctors work in UK’s NHS, number doubled during economic crisis

The number of Greek doctors who work in the United Kingdom has doubled since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2009. 1,700 of doctors working in UK’s National Health System were born in Greece, overwhelming majority of them has also studied in Greece. They hold the second place among EU member states in NHS. Data stand is June 2017.

A total of 2,959 Greeks work at NHS. Of them 1,700 work are doctors , 1,259 work as nursing and clinical staff and in administration.

Citing a House of Commons report regarding non-British staff working in NHS , athensnewsagency writes that

  • 80% of Greek doctors working in NHS, that is 1,351 people, have studied in Greece.
  • The majority of them are registered as “Specialty Registrants” and are aged 30-39 years old.
  • Greek doctors make 1.5% of total doctors working at NHS
  • Greek doctors hold 12. position among non-British staff and 2. position among EU member states

There are 457 Greeks working as nursing personnel (certified nurses). Majority of them are 25-39 years old. (stand March 2017).

The number of Greek doctors working in the NHS has been in steady increase since 2009. It has doubled. However, there seems to be a stop in the trend after the Brexit referendum in 2016.

Greece’s economic crisis has sent abroad some half a million mostly young people in the biggest brain drain in the country’s migration history.

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