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Patmos revolts against Religion courses in schools as “against Orthodoxy and Constitution”

Parents associations at all levels of education and local clergy on the island of Patmos gathered together and decided to revolt against the Education Ministry in Athens.

“We declare that we refuse to have our children taught the lesson of Religion according to the new directives of the Education Ministry,” they said in a resolution.

The teaching material with regards to structure, philosophy and purpose was “against the Constitution and Greek Orthodoxy” and furthermore not “pedagogical” they claimed.

The new “multi-religion” form of the teaching program was “against the Constitution” because they address Greek-Orthodox students. “The principle of Equality and Freedom of Religion of Orthodox students was violated  as the Orthodox students will not be taught according to the religious and philosophical believes of their parents,” they said among others.


The books contain the teaching of many religions, (polytheistic and multi-religious), which are considered at the same level with the Greek orthodoxy.  “This material with its structure and purpose sows confusion and doubts about the Truth of the Orthodox Faith into the religious consciousness of  the children. Criticizing the ecumenical approach of Faith, the local community of Patmos stresses that the new books “do not make any distinction between orthodoxy, sects and religions” and they do not present “the true nature of Jesus Christ.”

Anti-pedagogic:Historicity is eliminated in the presentation of the themes, resulting in the creation of a pedagogical, theological and cognitive confusion in the minds of the students. Although the title of the teaching course bear the title “Religion”, especially in primary education, pupils do not have the sufficient  ability to accept the knowledge data.”

The parents associations and the local clergy underlined that they took this decision out of “responsibility for our children and with respect to the “heavy heritage of our ancestors.”

They call on the Education Ministry to “immediately withdraw the news books” and “restore the Orthodox character and approach of the Religion course.”

According to, present at the gathering were also a Philology professor at the Athens University and a Doctor of Theology.

Religion courses in Greek schools recently underwent a total overhaul as the Education Ministry decided to include other religions and abandon the catechetical form of the courses. The changes were made with the consent of the Greek Church.

PS Instead of publishing meaningless resolutions, they can apply to Supreme Court and challenge the issue at least in terms of Constitutional compatibility.

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  1. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    Of course, it would be a terrible mistake to educate Greek children about religions other than Greek Orthodoxy. They might learn tolerance and respect for those religions: that would never do.

  2. Teach them how to be a hate filled atheist academic instead

  3. “…a hate filled atheist academic ” Wow! That’s quite a mouthful. I imagine as opposed to teaching them how to be a “Love-filled, God-fearing, illiterate” instead. I see anti-intellectualism is alive and well in today’s Greece.

  4. Christo, I’m religious, as my parents were, and we learned about our faith in sunday school, at our parish. I’m free to express my faith and no one, ever, tried to stop me from going to church or learn my religion, or tried to impose me a religion in school. I know some islamic countries do that, though. Can Greece allow the people to be free, about their religion? I hope so. I don’t hate anynone, because I’m free and surrounded by free people. But your language seems full of hate…

  5. religion is a joke. the poorer the country, the more religious they are.

    greeks in school should defiantly be taught their traditions such as easter, but they should also be taught that religion has been used to manipulate and control people, and in the case of the greek orthodox especially, to make money from people.

  6. What a remarkable series of contemptuous comments above. Contempt for Greece (as usual Martin Baldwin Edwards, The Man Who Knows Everything) and contempt for religion and the poor (Troll Syrizee). Of course as we learned with the German propaganda tsunami from 2010 to the present, everything that happens in Greece is ignorant and inferior in comparison to the paradises these commentators have left behind. Of course they may not have left their paradise homes behind to live in the horrible terrible ignorant inferior Greece….they might be earning their 500 euro mini-job pay at the Troll dept. in Berlin……

    Not one question as to whether the Patmos islanders may have a point. Have you seen the new books? They are the low quality bog standard anti-religion drivel served everywhere across the EU now, with tons of illustrations and zero theological content. Yes Virginia, you can have “religion” books without a drop of theology.

  7. whats more alive it seems is the hatred the far left harbour for greece and orthodoxy. the new face of fascism

    Certain academics like to hate greece, greeks, our heritage, our military, everything we have, and fought for centuries to maintain, but still happily call greece home or wish to comment and criticise on every article here. reminds me other ungrateful groups that always complain and wish us to change to suit them

  8. Martin Baldwin-Edwards

    One or two people here need to show a little humility and try to comprehend that Greece is not represented by Christian Orthodoxy. This is right wing propaganda to claim that the only thing that matters for Greeks is the Greek Orthodox Church, when there is no evidence to support this claim. Not one of my Greek friends has any time for the Greek Church: it is mostly uneducated peasants who are seduced by religions.

    And Tsigantes: kindly stop trolling me. I do not make personal attacks on you, so you can stop doing so. Especially as it is my real name and you hide behind a pseudonym.

  9. What contempt for religion, Tsigantes? What are you talking about? Everyone is free to follow is religion. The churches are closed in Greece? The priests and people in general are forbidden to practice religion? As for the “mini-jobs”, etc, what’s that got to do with this discussion? Some greeks have a deep complex of inferiority and think the whole world its against them or despise their culture. Get over it. Live and let live.