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Torrential rains flood areas in Paxi, Corfu and Epirus (videos, picts)

Torrential rains hit the islands in the Ionian Sea and large parts of Epirus region in Western Greece as a bad weather front is sweeping though the country. It was a horror night for the residents of Louros by Preveza, when flash floods swept through the village after midnight.

In the capital of Paxos island, dozens of houses and shops flooded and the volumes of water swept away vehicles and motorcycles.

A local driver reportedly avoided the worst when his car was swept away and the rushing waters pushed towards a shop thus halting a fatal outcome.

The mayor of Paxos, Spyros Vlahopoulos told amna that this year many anti-flooding measures were constructed.

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The bad weather front that has been striking the area with torrential rains and strong winds above 8 Beaufort, flooded Lefkimmi in the south of Corfu.

According to, A woman was rescued by locals in the last minute. She was trapped in her car that was swept away by the rushing waters.

Liston, the central square of the island’s capital turned into a little “Venice” with dozens of flooded shops.

The powerful winds brought dozens of trees to fall.

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The extreme weather phenomena are expected to keep striking Corfu also until Sunday and the local Civil Protection warns residents.

Torrential rains caused also several problems in the region of Epirus with swelling rivers and streams and landslides.

Especially affected are the areas in Platania, Tzoumerka and Zagorohoria where visitors attended a congress are stranded.

Videos: Friday night road to Tsepelovo and flooded parallel road to Egnatia highway Friday noon. via

In the Prefecture of Preveza, Louros river swell and flooded dozens of homes and shops short after midnight.

Locals told that they were horrified to see the muddy waters flooding their homes in the middle of the night.

“The water kept knocking at the door, we managed only to wear something and  get out ” an elderly local told media.

In many cases, locals reportedly helped others evacuate their elderly carrying them with their hands.

According to local media, by 4 o’ clock Saturday morning, at least 30 houses and 10 shops stood in water and mud.

Locals speak of a horror experience when they saw the muddy waters flooding their homes.

Fire brigades are expected to conclude the water pumping on Saturday.

According to local media, the river swell and brought tones of water from the mountain down to the village. There are reports that in some basements the water reached a height of one meter. The waters started to withdraw after three hours.

According to, Tsepelovo saw a record rainfall with 202 mm. It is followed by Parga with 192 mm of rain.

Local media speak of a horror night.

Torrential rains are reportedly striking the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea and the Cyclades island group on Saturday morning.

As there are several problems in the sea traffic locally, please. contact with port authorities and travel agencies before packing your luggage.

Weather forecast until Monday, Dec 4th 2017 here.

For more footage and pictures click the local media links.

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