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Torrential rains and closed streams flood large areas in Rodopi, NE Greece (videos)

At least thirty houses were flooded and many animals were drowned when torrential rains fell in the prefecture of Rodopi in North-East Greece and set large parts of the region under water.

It rained without a break from Saturday evening until Sunday noon.

Roads turned into rivers and several people were trapped in their vehicles or homes.

The fire brigades evacuated 35 residents and motorists across the area.


Among the seven drivers also a mother with her three children who were trapped in their car in the city of Komotini.

The fire service had to pump waters in 39 cases.

In Amaranta village that was worst hit by the floods, the water reached a height of one meter.  At least 25 people had to be evacuated by the fire brigades.

Animal breeders speak of a huge catastrophe as many animals were drowned in the floods.

According to latest media reports from the area, sheep and pigs had to be evacuated as well.

Residents and local authorities blame the closed rivers and streams for the disaster. It is the channel that runs right next to the houses as the bridge of Egnatia highway and the railway track block the water flow to the sea and the water floods the village, state broadcaster ERT reports. The village has been flooded again and again since 2005 for the same reason, residents complain.

The mayor told Skai TV that they have been waiting for years for the problem to be solved and now they have been told to wait for the central government to conduct studies for the whole area.  “Do we have to wait to turn like Mandra?” the mayor said pointing out at the flash floods that hit West Attica beginning of December and claimed the lives of 22 people. “The lives of 300,000 people are affected,” the mayor said.

After the flash floods in Mandra and West Attica, the government seems to have decided to to conduct studies across the country and reconsider the whole situation of the man-made intervention of illegal construction and closed rivers and streams that flood more and more areas in recent times.

More information and footage from Rodopi floods in xronos.gr.



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