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Thessaloniki: Macedonia protesters clash with police, injuries, arrests (videos)

Dozens of far-rights and members of a local football club rioted in city of  Thessaloniki over the Macedonia agreement. Police used tear gas and stun grenades in attempts to break up protests that lasted until late on Monday night. Macedonia protesters chanted slogans and “Macedonia is Greek” and accused the government of “treason.”

Protesters first gathered at the gate of  International Fair premises where the local branch of ruling party SYRIZA was holding an event on the “benefits and prospects of Macedonia agreement in the Balkans.”

The event was originally planned to take place in Toumpa suburb of Thessaloniki, but moved to International Fair premises in order to avoid riots and clashes. Toumpa is home of PAOK FC whose supporters have a fierce opposition against the Macedonia agreement.

First, protesters threw rocks and other items at the riot police forces guarding the Fair entrance. They shouted at policemen “traitors.”

Police responded to attack with tear gas and stun grenades and chased protesters who clashed with police.

Garbage bins were set on fire, parked cars were damaged as well as one shop.

Several protesters were wearing hoods and helmets and armed with bats.

While the clashes were continuing for hours, a group reportedly managed to bring down an iron door, enter the premises and break in into the event. They sang “Famous Macedonia” a military march from the Balkan Wars praising “the land of Alexander, you drove away barbarians and now you are free! You are and you’ll be Greek, the very pride of every Greek, and we will be looking at you with pride again.”

According to local media, 14 policemen were injured and treated in local hospitals.

Municipality workers cleaning the mess.

Police arrested five people, four men and one woman, aged 22-47, a case file was issued, they are expected to be brought to prosecutor.

Local SYRIZA officials who attended the event blamed “well-known far-rights and marginal groups” for the riots.

On Tuesday morning, SYRIZA issued a statement urging among others “We expect the PAOK football club to condemn these actions, which are committed on behalf of the historical club PAOK association.”

Tuesday morning outside the south gate of  the Fair premises ….

It is worth noting that less than three dozens people attended the event organized by SYRIZA.

The Macedonia name dispute is to keep stirring the sentiment and escalate polarization.

The Greek nationalist went after people who looked like photoreporters/camera crew again tonight, then they complain the media is ignoring their protests. Being doing this for over a decade but suspicion was never this intense in previous protests

 13 hours ago

I was outside the fair taking pics when the rioting kicked off, few minutes later I was surrounded by a nationalist mob demanding to know who I was taking photos for and threatening to smash my camera. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed, Forced to delete photos but nothing worse.

11 hours ago

Taxi driver was visibly shaken, had picked up 2 unrelated quarreling passengers from the site of the Macedonia name riot (woman protester, elderly man), which almost came to blows in his taxi, damaged his door. It’s random barbarity that freaks me out in escalating polarization.

thumbnail picture @teacherdude

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  1. Brian Ghilliotti

    We will see the anarchist reaction. Will reach a point where people won’t go to soccer games for soccer anymore. They’ll go to watch the riot. Wars have started over soccer (El Salvador vs Honduras). How about civil wars? Brian Ghilliotti