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Holocaust Memorial in Thessaloniki vandalized

For one more time, vandals desecrated the Holocaust Memorial at Eleftherias square in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. They threw paint and destroyed an Israeli flag on Wednesday evening. The vandalism is allegedly attributed to people who left a protest against the Macedonia deal between Greece and FYROM and was taking place nearby.

February 2018 – Vandals wrote the name of far-right Golden Dawn

Last February, the Memorial was against target of vandals. Also on that day, a protest against the Macedonia name issue was taking place.

According to local media, restoration works were launched on Thursday morning.

The Holocaust Memorial is a sculpture of flames with a grid of people. It is created by the Glif brothers in 1997 and is dedicated to the 50,000 Jews of Thessaloniki who perished in the the Nazi camps during the World War II. The Memorial stands at Eleftherias Square.

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