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With tourists’ arrivals, fuel prices skyrocket on Greece’s islands and major highways

Fuel prices have skyrocketed on the Greek islands and the country’s highways in the month of July. And this although there is no global fuel crisis or other factor to justify the hikes. The hikes coincide with the tourists’ arrivals, note the country’s media. On some islands, the price per liter unleaded gasoline has reach slightly above 2 euros.

Across the country, the average price for unleaded gasoline was 1.654 on 1. June and 1.645 on 15. July.

In comparison, on the island of Samos the equivalent price was 1.787 on 1. June and 1.816 on 15. July.

On Chios, it went up 1 cent, while it is constantly going up on the islands of the Ionian Sea.

According to the Fuel Prices Watch, on July 16th 2018

In the island group of Cyclades the average price for unleaded 95 was 1.878 and for unleaded 100 at 2.009 per liter.

In Attica: 1.610 for 95 octane and 1.837 for 100 octane.

Average price across the country: 1.644 for 95 octane and 1.842 for 100 octane

Media report that the liter price reached 2.045  on the island of Sikinos and 2.035 on Fournoi Ikarias.

Price hikes have been recorded also on the country highways.

The excuses for the price hikes are reportedly

  1. islands: high transport cost – which is not different from other time periods.
  2. highways: expensive leases on the major motorways – which are the same also in winter.

Some claim that petrol station owners try to balance profit for the winter months when they record lower sales.

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