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Cute seals join sunbathers at Greece’s islands beaches (videos)

Cute seals at Greek beaches. More and more seals appear at the Greek beaches even though hundreds of swimmers and sunbathers are around.

The adorable animals do not seem to be bothered by the human noise and curiosity.

However, no matter how playful and friendly it looks, a seal is not a pet that loves pats and hugs.


Seals are wild animals.

Keep in mind, to keep a safety distance to the animal, do no try to feed it or hug it.

A seal came to the beach of Patitiri on the island of Alonnisos and cheered swimmers and sunbathers.

The mammal kept going in and out the water, played with the foam and let humans take snap shots.

A couple of days earlier, another playful seal appeared at the beach of  Ammos on the island of Skopelos also in the group of Sporades in West Aegean Sea.

The animal was not bothered by the hundreds of people at the beach. After playing around with the water, it fell asleep for a few hours – with the body half in the water and the head on the fine beach pebbles.

Members of the Greek Coast Guard warned the human to do not touch, feed or pour water on the animal.

sources: trikalavoice, radiopolis

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