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Traditional Village For Sale in Messaras, Crete

A whole village on the island of Crete is under negotiation for sale. The traditional village with its houses made of stone has been not been inhabited for years.

According to a post on Facebook, investors from Athens want to buy the whole village and turn it into a traditional touristic settlement.

The settlement is reportedly in Messaras region in the Herakleio Prefecture.

Its name is not published “for obvious reasons until negotiations conclude,” DIA-SOS-te tin Messara (Save Messara) notes.

A company in Athens is in talks to proceed with the acquisition, the post notes adding it is “a big investment that will completely change the touristic map of the area.”

Apparently the investors are negotiating with the house owners.

In the comments section of the post, locals try to guess the name of the village with many to have recognized the settlement from the picture as several local media have reported about this particular abandoned settlement in recent past.

If it is indeed about the specific village, its buildings are reportedly preserved and in good condition and the overall fabric of the settlement does not show significant discontinuities.

The settlement was mainly of a rural character with secondary livestock activities and it was built during the Ottoman occupation. It was mentioned in historic documents for the first time in 1842 and in the census of 1881.

In the census of 2001, the number of inhabitants was 1.

The village is at an altitude of 400 meters.

Based on the FB comments, KTG understand that there are several abandoned villages in the area.

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