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Greece’s once biggest private MEGA TV to stop broadcasting in 15 days

After 28 years in operation, Greece’s once biggest private television channel MEGA TV will be removed from the signal network.

This was announced by Minister for Digital Policy and Media Nikos Pappas on Wednesday, after the new TV license holders were anno0unced.

Asked by reported on if Mega TV will be ‘blackened” Pappas replied “Yes, since the other private TV stations will go pay for the licenses…” the Minister was clear that there cannot be transmissions without payment.

The cost for a TV license is 35 million euros.

Reporters, cameramen, technicians and administrative personnel abandoned the station last year due to outstanding wage payments for several months.

The owners had lost interest to continue investing in the broadcaster, the economic crisis had forced banks to ask the serving of outstanding debts.

For more than a year, MEGA TV has been broadcasting on the “automatic pilot” old Greek series again and again, thus without advertisement after the former employees sought judicial measures. Revenues from advertising would go direct to the banks for the broadcaster’s debts.

The National Council of Radio and Television (NCRTV) on Wednesday announced and published the names of the final holders of a nationwide general content television broadcasting license, selected through a tender process.

The five license holders are the television channels Epsilon TV, SKAI, ANT1, Alpha TV and Star and must immediately pay the first of 10 installments, each amounting to 3.5 million euros, to the state.

In a tweet, Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media Minister Nikos Pappas posted the NCRTV’s decision and the final resolution of the issue with the comment “Habemus licences”.

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