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Marble tombstone from 360 BC back to Greece before auctioned in London

An Ancient Greek marble tombstone return to its home in Greece before it was sold at an action of antiquities at the Sotheby’s house of London.

The Greek Ministry of Culture said the engraved tombstone from the Attica  was illegally exported form Greece and was repatriated on September 7, 2018.

The marble tombstone is a typical example of Attica in  Classical times with a flowery top and two rosettes. Below them a name, possibly the name of the deceased is engrave ESTI [AIOS].

The sculpture dates back to 340 BC.

“It undoubtedly comes from an ancient cemetery in Attica, as this type is exclusive to Attica sculpture workshops, ” the statement said.

In cooperation with prosecution and judicial authorities as well as with the Directorate for the Documentation and Protection of Cultural Goods, the Ministry of Culture took all necessary actions to claim the sculpture back.

The sculpture was eventually handed over by the auction house to the London Metropolitan Police and from there to Greek authorities.

The Greek Embassy in London substantially contributed to the return of the marble tombstone, the Ministry said.

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